Do Not Miss Degenesis: Clan Wars! Bringing Primal Punk To Life | SIXMOREVODKA Interview

June 6, 2024 by avernos

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Gerry sits down with SIXMOREVODKA designer Liam to talk about the development of Clan Wars alongside CMON, the miniature skirmish game set in the Primal Punk world of the Degenesis roleplaying game.


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Find Out More About The World Of Degenesis

They discuss the evolution of the game alongside the miniature design and how they are making the world accessible to new players while adding to the existing lore of Degenesis for fans of the RPG.

Clan Wars pits the Hostile against the player's Operatives in a one-versus-many branching narrative campaign that offers a ton of replayability with new characters available to be found, or lost, by the choices made by the players. All backed up by some amazing miniatures.

Are you going to jump in and pick up Degenesis: Clan Wars on Gamefound?

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