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Dungeons & Lasers Explore Caves In New Gamefound Campaign


Archon Studio's Dungeons & Lasers terrain range is expanding at the beginning of March as they go off and explore new Cave systems for use in your tabletop wargames and roleplaying adventures. 

Dive Into Dark Fantasy Naval Wargaming With Blight Seas Fleet


Shrike Studio is coming to Gamefound very soon with a campaign to bring their brand new miniatures game of Dark Fantasy naval combat to life on the tabletop. Blight Seas Fleet is hoving into view soon with some awesome miniatures and fun rules for you to dive into.

GF9 Announce New Gamefound Projects – Conan & More!


Gale Force Nine has announced that they will continue their relationship with Gamefound across three new projects that will be popping up throughout the year. This begins with The Adventures Of Conan starting in April 2024.

Dive Into MiniWarGaming’s New Wargame, Ravaged Star


MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games are back on Gamefound this week with their new campaign looking to not only bring two more factions to the tabletop for Ravaged Star but also fund the production of the game itself. If you're looking for a new Sci-Fi wargaming experience from some incredibly enthusiastic creators then maybe this could be for you.

Become A Mobster Mastermind With Scarface 1920 Board Game


Mobsters are looking to take over the streets of Chicago during the Roaring '20s with a new game from Redzen Games, Scarface 1920. Take control of the underworld and stake your claim on the city.

New Unlocks? The Damned Closes In On Final Days On Gamefound


The Damned from Wargames Atlantic is closing in on its final days on Gamefound and with that, the community vote has decided what miniatures are going to be available to unlock as part of future Stretch Goals. 

Pick Up BIG New Collector’s Edition For GF9’s Firefly: The Game!


Gale Force Nine is offering up an excellent opportunity for you to pick up all of the Firefly: The Game goodness that you might have missed out on over the years. This new Gamefound project celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the game with a new Collector's Edition.

The Damned Get Female Troops To Bolster Their Ranks


A quick update for those following The Damned on Gamefound. The team at Wargames Atlantic have recently unlocked the addition of Female Infantry for those that want to bolster their ranks and take over more 28mm Sci-Fi worlds. 

Stretch Goals For The Damned! What’s New For Wargames Atlantic’s Gamefound Campaign?


Gerry talks in more depth about The Damned Gamefound Campaign from Wargames Atlantic with Charlie. They discuss some of the new 28mm Stretch Goals getting added to the campaign, allowing you to bulk out your army of cultists.

Wargames Atlantic’s The Damned Now Live On Gamefound


Wargames Atlantic's The Damned campaign is now live on Gamefound. A brand new selection of 28mm hard plastic miniatures are available for you to snap up to use in your grimdark and post-apocalyptic miniature wargames.

Build A 40K Traitor Guard Army! Wargames Atlantic’s The Damned On Gamefound


Gerry sits down for an interview with Charlie from Wargames Atlantic to discuss their new The Damned crowdfunding campaign which is coming soon to Gamefound! This could be a great time to collect 28mm miniatures for the Traitor Guard army from Warhammer 40K you've always wanted.

PHALANX & Reiner Knizia’s Huang Launches On Gamefound


Reiner Knizia's Yellow & Yangtze has been reinvented and is being returned to the tabletop as Huang thanks to the folks at PHALANX! The project to bring Huang to life is now available to back over on Gamefound and it's going great guns so far.

Let’s Play: Huang By Reiner Knizia | Phalanx Games


Gerry, Shay and John are joined by the team from PHALANX Games to play through their new Reiner Knizia board game, HUANG. Take command of warring factions in Ancient China and see if you can take control of the country for yourself!

Escape From Arkham With Knight Games’ New Batman Board Game


Knight Games are looking to fund their brand new Batman board game, Escape From Arkham Asylum! Take on the role of villains from Batman's rogue's gallery and see if you can "work together" to formulate an escape plan and get yourselves out of the maximum security prison before Batman turns up to ruin the fun.

Let’s Play: Batman – Escape From Arkham Asylum | Knight Games


Join us as we dive into a Let's Play of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum which is coming to Gamefound on 24th January from Knight Games! Play as Batman's rogue's gallery of villains and see if you can escape before Batman gets you!

Martin Wallace Brings New Wargame Bloodstones To Gamefound


Famed board game designer Martin Wallace is now on Gamefound with a new wargame for you to dive into! Bloodstones is a new board game where up to four players will fight for control of the Fantasy world of Fal.

New Summit Expansion & Big Box Available On Gamefound


With a brand new expansion and a new big box to hold the base game, three expansions and Gamefound campaign goodies. 

Wilderness Encounters Coming Soon From Archon Studio


The Dungeons & Lasers range from Archon Studio is coming back to Gamefound with a new set of encounters. This time around, your adventurers are going to be leaving the cities and their dungeons and heading out into the wilderness. 

Ravensburger Invest To Develop The Future Of Gamefound


Bringing Ravensburger in as both a key investor and a partner to develop the crowd-funding platform.

Lazy Squire Unlock More Goodies For Veil-Touched On Gamefound!


Lazy Squire Games and MiniWarGaming have unlocked a fair few more options as part of the Stretch Goals over on Gamefound. New units, monsters and alternative poses have been added into the mix for those wanting to snap up this Sci-Fi army.

Ravaged Star: Armies Of The Veil-Touched Gamefound Project Launches Today!


MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games are launching their new Gamefound project today!

Let’s Play: Purple Haze | PHALANX Games


We're joined by James from PHALANX Games for a Let's Play of their newest Gamefound board game project, Purple Haze, which takes place during the Vietnam War.

PSC Games Bring Total War: Rome To The Tabletop On Gamefound


PSC Games has launched their Gamefound campaign for their newest board game project. Total War: Rome - The Board Game is going to bring all of the tactical and strategic challenges of the PC game to the tabletop for some Ancient warmongering!

Sci-Fi Horrors Join Lazy Squire & MiniWarGaming’s Ravaged Star


MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games' new Ravaged Star Gamefound project is firing up tomorrow. Ahead of that, we got another preview of some awesome new miniatures, monstrous ones infact, that are going to be available to choose from when it launches. 

Lazy Squire Games Preview Armoured Options For Ravaged Star


Lazy Squire Games and MiniWarGaming have been previewing some more options coming to their Ravaged Star Gamefound crowdfunding campaign very soon. This is a neat update on what we saw towards the tail end of last year.

Check Out MiniWarGaming’s Veil-Touched Sci-Fi Miniatures!


MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games have joined forces for a new project that will be launching on Gamefound in the early portion of 2022. A range of 32mm Sci-Fi miniatures are in the works, inspired by Dave, for use in your grimdark games of the far future.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Adventure Game Info Drops!


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Adventure Game is lining up for a fundraiser over on Gamefound at the start of November. Taking on the role of the faction known as the Blades, you'll be looking to thwart a plot that looks to threaten the entire of Skyrim. 

Reap In Fame & Glory In Goldenstar: Galactic Tournament


Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament pits 2-4 players into a combat arena fighting tooth and nail (or claw!) for fame and glory.

Carve Out Your Legend In Tiles Of The Arabian Nights


Tiles Of The Arabian Nights by Holy Grail Games is heading on to Gamefound today, as players compete against one another in hopes to become the best storyteller in Bagdad. 

Fields Of Eternia Gamefound Campaign Goes Live Tomorrow!


Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia - The Board Game is coming to Gamefound tomorrow from the folks at Archon Studio. In this one-to-six player game, you will take on the role of heroes and villains as you battle for control of Eternia and the magical power at its core. 

Expansions & More For Archon’s Masters Of The Universe Game


With Archon Studio closing in on the launch of their new Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia - The Board Game campaign on Gamefound, they have been showing off some sneak previews of what's going to be available beyond the core game.

Deep Dive With Lazy Squire Games Creator & MiniWarGaming Game In The Works Teased #WildAssentWeekOTT

3 years ago 27

Gerry is back with an interview with Robert about the founding of Lazy Squire Games, their history and their current crop of miniature-based board games. Plus, we discuss what's next!

Will We Avoid Another Wild Assent HARD MODE Monster Mauling?! – Let’s Play Part 2 #WildAssentWeekOTT

3 years ago 23

We're back with Part 2 of the Lazy Squire Games Wild Assent Let's Play as Justin and Gerry lick their wounds after being beaten up by the creatures of the wilds in their first gameplay video.

Painting The Mighty Wild Assent Seeker, Koralt! – Full Painting Tutorial #WildAssentWeekOTT

3 years ago 24

Join John for a miniature painting tutorial for Wild Assent as he works on the Seeker, Koralt, from the board game by Lazy Squire Games.

Back Wild Assent: Lavon Rising Now For Monster Early Bird Offering!

3 years ago 12

If you haven't already checked it out, make sure to dive in and take a peek at Wild Assent: Lavon Rising on Gamefound. If you back the campaign during the first 72 hours you'll be able to snag yourself an ace Early Bird offer!

We Almost Get Crushed By Wild Assent On HARD MODE! – Let’s Play Part 1 #WildAssentWeekOTT

3 years ago 38

Gerry and Justin get stuck into a game of Wild Assent by Lazy Squire Games on Hard Mode because we love to see them suffer!

Find Out Why 12K+ Gamers Are Following Wild Assent Lavon Rising On Gamefound ​#WildAssentWeekOTT

3 years ago 55

Gerry interviews Robert from Lazy Squire Games about the world of Wild Assent! Let's dive into the Core Game and the new Lavon Rising Gamefound campaign!

Follow & Dive Into Wild Assent: Lavon Rising On Gamefound


If you head on over to Gamefound right now then you'll be able to Follow the Wild Assent: Lavon Rising project and get notified of launch. PLUS, you will also be able to get a free miniature included with your pledge when the project goes live and you back.

Archon’s Masters Of The Universe Board Game Lined Up For July


Both Archon Studio and CMON are lining up to take to fundraisers soon with their own takes on the Masters Of The Universe. Archon Studio is producing their Fields Of Eternia board game which is set to hit Gamefound on 27th July for those in Europe. 

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