New Summit Expansion & Big Box Available On Gamefound

June 29, 2022 by fcostin

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Are you ready to embark on the hike of your life? Inside Up Games are over on Gamefound at the moment with the return of the adventuring and gruelling title, Summit. With a brand new expansion and a new big box to hold the base game, three expansions and Gamefound campaign goodies.

Summit Range - Inside Up Games

Summit Range // Inside Up Games

If you have never played Summit before, there are several ways in which the game can be played out: You can compete, by racing up and down a disastrous mountain against up to five daredevil climbers. Factored in by karma, maybe you would like to share some food or resources that you have scoured for with an opponent for some extra points. Or if you are not feeling particularly charitable, you can wipe them off the map and cut them loose from the mountain!

Gameplay Preview - Summit

Gameplay Preview // Summit

You can also go at the mountain solo or cooperatively, aiming to get through the expedition working together in harsh environments, only one player needs to survive and there are sure to be some casualties on the journey!

Sanity Expansion Components - Summit

Sanity Expansion Components // Summit

However, if you are familiar with the concept of the game, Inside Up Games have announced its newest expansion and will be the last of the Summit range. With the Sanity expansion, players will be questioning their own minds under the questionable excursion, adding a new way to play by calculating a character's sanity and focus - being aware that Hypothermia can take its grasp on the incline.

New Mechanic Sanity Expansion - Summit

New Mechanic Sanity Expansion // Summit

Whether you want your hands on the full Summit Series with the Big Box, or just want to add in some sanity with the new expansion. There are several different pledges to get involved in. It might be just a sliver of the mountain with a simple expansion to add to your collection, or you want to conquer it all!

There are 20 days left on the clock over on Gamefound, with stretch goals unlocking further as quality of life upgrades. There are also a ton of addons too. Including the board game, Teams and Yeti expansions, plus a whole host of card sleeves.

Have you played summit and are willing to monitor your own sanity, down and up the dangerous mountain? 

"With the Sanity expansion, players will be questioning their own minds under the questionable excursion..."

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