Become A Mobster Mastermind With Scarface 1920 Board Game

June 23, 2023 by brennon

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Mobsters are looking to take over the streets of Chicago during the Roaring '20s with a new game from Redzen Games, Scarface 1920. Take control of the underworld and stake your claim on the city.

Scarface 1920 - Big Child Creative

Scarface 1920 // Redzen Games

Like all of those classic gangster tales, this one takes place during the Dry Era in Chicago between 1920 and 1933. Scarface 1920 brings together mechanics like worker placement and deck-building where you will have to bring on new associates, broker deals and then take to the streets with your thugs. You'll be getting your hands dirty as you use all manner of different opportunities to earn victory points and stake your claim as the biggest, baddest gangster in Chicago.

Scarface 1920 Set-Up - Big Child Creative

Scarface 1920 - Set-Up // Redzen Games

Each gang has their own set of abilities which are themed around their particular boss. This means that you'll have different routes to victory whenever you sit down to play, tweaking your tactics to suit your new leader. As well as dealing with each other and the back and forth that comes from establishing a criminal empire, you'll also have to take on Eliot Ness and the Feds who are looking to disrupt your plans.

I had a lot of fun diving into Wise Guys from Gale Force Nine and the Mafia games have always been ones that I've enjoyed on console. So, this could well be a fun game to dive into, especially if you have some good music to put on in the background and some drinks to hand.

Expand Scarface 1920 With Bloody Business Expansion

As well as the base game being available now, you can also check out a new Gamefound campaign from Redzen which introduces you to some more Bloody Business.

Scarface 1920: Bloody Business Official Trailer

Bloody Business turns up the heat on your encounters in Scarface 1920 and you'll also get two more gangs for you to play with including the Red Dragon Tong and the Golden Oaks Gang. It should be noted that Bloody Business will never go to retail so if you want to pick it up, this will be your chance to do so.

Will you be giving this a look?

"Bloody Business turns up the heat on your encounters in Scarface 1920..."

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