New Unlocks? The Damned Closes In On Final Days On Gamefound

June 21, 2023 by brennon

The Damned from Wargames Atlantic is closing in on its final days on Gamefound and with that, the community vote has decided what miniatures are going to be available to unlock as part of future Stretch Goals.

The Damned Heavy Infantry - Wargames Atlantic

The Damned - Heavy Infantry // Wargames Atlantic

A community vote was run to see what would be unlocked at the $250,000 Stretch Goal for The Damned. The winner, after some back and forth, was the Heavy Infantry (above) which is another impressive set of miniatures for representing the more elite elements of The Damned army on the tabletop.

A great set of miniatures that would work as your crack team of killers that watch over the Command elements of your Cultist army as it looks to summon forth terrible demons from the beyond. Coming in at a close second was the set of Gene-Edited Infantry. These folks have been mutated and twisted and come armed with some cruel-looking weapons.

The Damned Gene-Edited Infantry - Wargames Atlantic

The Damned - Gene-Edited Infantry // Wargames Atlantic

I like the idea (if these come to the tabletop later on down the line) of mixing these in amongst the rest of your Damned troops. It would give the look of an even more motley crew of killers and haunted souls.

Sneaky Previews!

If you're looking for more sneaky peeks at what Wargames Atlantic have been getting up to, they also showed off this set of the Non-Damned with their Heavy Weapons at the ready. It will be interesting to see where Wargames Atlantic go with these but they might be fun for creating alternative grimdark and post-apocalyptic armies.

The Non-Damned - Wargames Atlantic

The Non-Damned // Wargames Atlantic

There is just one day left for The Damned over on Gamefound and there is plenty for you to dive into as part of the campaign. Wargames Atlantic is being great with the feedback from the community and responding to what folks are interested in. They also have a lot of plastic to give away through pledges so it's well worth watching the video with Charlie below where he explains how to pledge and get just what you want.

How To Pledge! The Damned - Gamefound Campaign | Wargames Atlantic

You have a lot of agency with your pledge when it comes to Gamefound so pick and mix whatever you like!

Will you be taking a peek at this Gamefound campaign for The Damned?

"There is just one day left for The Damned over on Gamefound..."

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