Fields Of Eternia Gamefound Campaign Goes Live Tomorrow!

August 9, 2021 by brennon

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Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia - The Board Game is coming to Gamefound tomorrow from the folks at Archon Studio. In this one-to-six player game, you will take on the role of heroes and villains as you battle for control of Eternia and the magical power at its core.

Fields Of Eternia Core Game - Archon Studio

Fields Of Eternia Core Game // Archon Studio

The Core Game has now been shown off in its entirety with He-Man, She-Ra, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Ram-Man and Stratos leading the way for the forces of good. On the other side of the coin, we have Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Mer-Man, Beast Man, Trap Jaw and Tri-Klops. Each of them will be at the head of mighty armies themselves seeking to take command and dominate the board.

Gameplay begins with you choosing your faction and picking a team of three from the six champions. This determines when you begin the game and also how gameplay is going to unfold from there on out including how they interact with the narrative and events.

From there it is a fight for dominance. Control regions of Eternia, gear up your characters with legendary artefacts from the history of Masters Of The Universe and battle your foes. Combat is determined by a little bit of deckbuilding and choosing the right cards at the right time to thwart your enemies.

You can also explore and adventure throughout Eternia meeting all manner of interesting characters from the TV show. Interact with them and make them your allies or perhaps be prepared for a duel!

There are a couple of routes to victory with Fields Of Eternia. Dominate the land with your armies or fulfill specific scenario objectives in order to claim the power of Castle Grayskull for your own. You might even have to settle the tie-break with a fateful duel!

Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia Expansions

As well as the Core Game, this campaign is also focused on delivering a bunch of expansions too. You can check out the ones they have shown off so far here...

Rise Of The Snake Men Expansion - Archon Studio

Rise Of The Snake Men Expansion // Archon Studio

New enemies and allies can be found as part of the Rise Of The Snake Men Expansion. I am getting some Conan The Adventurer vibes from this particular expansion. Send those Snake Men back to another dimension!

You can also get even more villainous with the Spell Of Separation Expansion.

Spell Of Separation - Archon Studio

Spell Of Separation Expansion // Archon Studio

There are of course going to be loads of Stretch Goals included as part of this campaign which will get you all manner of new heroes and villains to use during your games. I certainly like the core premise of Fields Of Eternia, especially with the variety offered by the different champions and those various routes to victory.

Pledge-wise, the Gamefound campaign will feature a Core Pledge for the main Fields Of Eternia box and any associated Stretch Goals. You can also go all-in with the Collector's Pledge which introduces the two expansions seen above into the pot.

Remember that this is a campaign only available to ship to Europe (unless you have a kind European friend). Bear that in mind before you get too excited and you live over on the other side of the pond. Orko is also available if you back during the first forty-eight hours of the campaign!

Are you tempted by Fields Of Eternia?

"Orko is also available if you back during the first forty-eight hours of the campaign!"

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