Dive Into Dark Fantasy Naval Wargaming With Blight Seas Fleet

February 21, 2024 by brennon

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Shrike Studio is coming to Gamefound very soon with a campaign to bring their brand new miniatures game of Dark Fantasy naval combat to life on the tabletop. Blight Seas Fleet is hoving into view soon with some awesome miniatures and fun rules for you to dive into.

Blight Seas Fleet - Shrike Studio

Blight Seas Fleet // Shrike Studio

Blight Seas Fleet is a naval wargame set in a post-apocalyptic world where hulking pre-dreadnought battleships and their vessels fight across the seven seas looking to battle for the last resources available to mankind. Their key aim is to collect Reagent which allows the various factions to maintain the war effort, especially with the advent of Corpse Engineering. Well, that sounds like a superb new technology!

Influenced by games like Battlefleet Gothic and the style of games like Turnip28, Blight Seas Fleet allows you to dive into a fun skirmish game of naval combat. Two players can dive into a game across a five-turn scenario which features alternating activation. Your scenarios are objective based and you'll be running between three to twelve ships per player depending on the mission you're engaging in.

If you're interested in learning more about the rules, the designer Elizabeth Little has put together a free PDF Download that you can check out so you can get a handle on the mechanics. This covers the core rules, missions and a host of factions for you to play as.

Turn One Gameplay // Blight Seas Fleet

Additionally, if you'd like to see the game in action then you can check out the gameplay video above.

Dive In And Pledge

One of the nice things about diving into Blight Seas Fleet is that the game is already out there in the world and being played. You can currently get 3D Printable STL Files from Shrike Studio's MyMiniFactory page. This Gamefound campaign is focused on producing a set of miniatures physically for you to snap up and start playing without the need to 3D print.

Blight Seas Fleet Starter Set - Shrike Studio

Blight Seas Fleet - Starter Set // Shrike Studio

The Starter Set contains enough plastic miniatures to split into two small forces. The Armoured Cruisers would be split between two players with the three Light Cruisers leading one faction and the Destroyers leading the other. You can also combine all of this to create a single full-size fleet.

You'll also get the seventy-five-page softcover rulebook, a folding battle mat and a set of tokens to use in the heat of gameplay. All backers will also get themselves a set of free STL files for islands from WarScape3D.

As well as diving into the Starter Set, there are some bonus Add-Ons for Blight Seas Fleet that you can get your hands on as well.

Core Ship Collection - Blight Seas Fleet

Core Ship Collection // Blight Seas Fleet

Designed for resin printers, you can get your hands on the expanded range of miniatures from the wider Blight Seas Fleet collection as part of the campaign. This Core Ship Collection comes with a Battleship, Battlecruiser, Armoured Cruiser, Light Cruiser and Destroyer.

Faction Unique Ships are also available as a separate set allowing you to add some bonus character to your fleet.

Faction Unique Ships - Blight Seas Fleet

Faction Unique Ships // Blight Seas Fleet

This set comes with a Carrier, Dreadnought, Relic, Monitor and Submersible. Some awesome miniatures I think you'll agree that sit just to the side of historical vessels. It provides you with that fun bit of the uncanny that draws you in and gets you looking at the background of the game as well as just the miniatures.

Talking of miniatures, it's also worth checking out some of Liz from Shrike Studio's painting videos over on their YouTube channel!

Blight Seas Fleet Painting Tutorial

Ocean Bases Tutorial

Make sure to check out the Gamefound Campaign and of course the rules above. Blight Seas Fleet looks like a fun twist on the traditional naval wargame and it's great that they are catering for both those with 3D Printers and those wanting physical miniatures in plastic.

Will you be diving in?

"Blight Seas Fleet looks like a fun twist on the traditional naval wargame..."

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