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40K Traitor Guard Done Right; Harness The Plastic Power Of Wargames Atlantic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Wargames Atlantic have got ahead of the game and made some excellent Warhammer 40K Traitor Guard for you to use when looking to make your next Chaos army in the grimdark future.

Critical Role Dive Into Mystery Roleplaying With Candela Obscura


Darrington Press, the publishing arm of Critical Role, has now released the Quickstart Rules for their new Horror/Mystery roleplaying game, Candela Obscura! If you're looking to dive into some Gothic Horror storytelling then this might be for you.

The Silver Bayonet: The Carpathians – Castle Fier | First Impressions


The first expansion is available for Joseph A. McCullough's The Silver Bayonet! Ben gives his first impressions on The Carpathians - Castle Fier and what it offers for folks diving into this Napoleonic Horror skirmish game.

Community Spotlight: Monstrous Beasts, Shatterpoint & Bringing The Gnarlwood To Life

2 weeks ago 7

Some brand new projects to look at this week covering the worlds of Star Wars and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. PLUS, we also have a look at something dark and spooky hiding in the shadows!

Unboxing: Escape From Stalingrad Z – Deluxe Version | Raybox Games


Gerry unboxes the Deluxe Version of Escape From Stalingrad Z, the awesome Weird World War tabletop game from the folks at Raybox Games. 

New Miniatures Haunt The Carpathians Of The Silver Bayonet


You can now head on over to the North Star Military Figures webstore and have a peek at the new range of miniatures coming out for The Silver Bayonet and The Carpathians: Castle Fier supplement by Osprey Games! McCullough's bloodsucking new addition to The Silver Bayonet needs some suitably deadly miniatures for your warbands to face off against!

The World Of Degenesis Grows! The Clan Wars From Six More Vodka


Back in 2021 I discovered the RPG Denegesis from SixMoreVodka and was absolutely blown away by both the world-building, narrative, and the art design behind the game. On top of that the plan to present it free right here in perpetuity. Well now the folks over at SMV are working on a miniatures game within that glorious world they have created Clan Wars.

Dig Up A New Game For The Family With Body Snatchers


If you've ever wanted to teach your kids about the positives of necromancy then the creepy-cute card game Body Snatchers from Fights and Fancy may be the ideal game for you. 

Let’s Play – Cadaver, A Card Game Of Necromancy! | Kedric Winks


In today's Let's Play, Gerry, Justin and Shay face off in a quick and easy card game from Kedric Winks. Cadaver has you playing as necromancers who are trying to raise more of the undead than their opponents!

More Of Ana Polanšćak’s Folk Horrors Creep Onto Kickstarter


Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures is back on Kickstarter with a new project looking at bringing new Folk Horrors to the tabletop. More of the creepy creations by Ana Polanšćak of Gardens Of Hecate have been added into the mix for your twisted Fantasy and Pulp games. 

Brigade Games’ New Miniatures Fight In Foggy London Town


Brigade Games Miniatures has been showing off some new additions to their collection recently. Leading the way are some new 28mm Victorian-Age miniatures representing street gangs, ruffians and more that might have found themselves battling on the streets of foggy London town.

Osprey Games Travels To the New World In The Silver Bayonet: Canada


The Silver Bayonet is getting two expansions this year from Osprey Games, previously we had the announcement of an encounter in The Carpathians: Castle Fier and later this year the conflict expands across the Atlantic for adventures in Canada!

Bad Squiddo’s 28mm Women Of Horror Kickstarter Launches!


Bad Squiddo Games have hit up Kickstarter with their awesome new campaign looking at introducing more Women Of Horror to the tabletop! Some ace 28mm miniatures with a Hammer Horror vibe are available for you to snap up as part of this short campaign.

TTCombat Craft A Monstrous Unholy Union For Carnevale


Something terrible has been dreamt up by the team at TTCombat and the Doctors Of The Ospedale. A terrible new monster, the Unholy Union, is going to be coming to the world of Carnevale soon!

Terminator Teasers! What Does GW Have Planned For Warhammer 40K? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Some interesting teasers from Games Workshop this week for Warhammer 40K. They dropped a video or two focusing on new Terminator miniatures and new Tyranids that will be fighting on grimdark Sci-Fi battlefields, perhaps in 10th Edition Warhammer 40K?

CMON Begin Previewing More For Zombicide: White Death


CMON are zoning in on the Kickstarter for the newest addition to their Zombicide range, White Death. With that in mind, we're getting some previews of the different characters that you get to play as in this Fantasy board game take on zombie horror. 

It’s A Horror Sequel! Don’t Look Back Gets New Revised Edition


Black Site Studios have a fun surprise for folks who like Don't Look Back, their awesome Horror skirmish game. A new revised and updated edition of this cooperative survival miniatures game is going to be coming up for pre-order soon!

Awaken Realms Announce New Nemesis Board Game, Retaliation!


Awaken Realms has recently announced they are going to be diving back into the world of Nemesis with a new Gamefound campaign coming later this year! Nemesis: Retaliation puts you on the offensive and has you hunting down dangerous alien foes in this Sci-Fi board game.

CMON Take Zombicide To The Streets Of Rio Z Janeiro


CMON has been previewing some of the new games coming to the Zombicide world. Moving from the blood-covered streets of North America, your survivors are going to be going to Rio Z Janeiro to face down some very colourful zombies!

Bad Squiddo Games Stake New Vampires On Kickstarter Soon


Bad Squiddo Games has been teasing a new Kickstarter campaign coming up in March! Vampires are the name of the game and they are working towards releasing a new selection of deadly bloodsuckers for you to use in your Fantasy and Horror games.

Verrotwood Creators Talks Solo Mode For Grimdark Wargame


The creator of Verrotwood, the awesome grimdark wargame of cultists and strange gods, has been discussing the chance of a solo mode. Mike Crutchett recently dropped a little update over on their Facebook Page.

Gingerbread Men Turn Deadly In Slave 2 Gaming’s Grim Fantasy


The Grim Fantasy range from Slave 2 Gaming has expanded this week with the addition of some creepy baked goods! You can now get your hands on some 15mm (and 28mm) Gingerbread and Ninjabread Men that are out to terrorise the locals. 

Take More Journeys With Vagrantsong: Encore Expansion


Wyrd Games has been chatting about a new expansion to their hit board game from last year, Vagrantsong. Heading out on even more journeys, your travellers will be diving into more spooky scenarios with Vagrantsong: Encore. 

Brand New Flames Of War Starter Set Revealed! Battle In Berlin With The 15mm Red Army #OTTWeekender

4 months ago 30

It's OTT Weekender time! This week, a brand new Flames Of War Starter Set has been revealed. Dive into more World War 2 Historical wargaming on the tabletop with new 15mm German and Soviet armies battling it out for Berlin during the Late War period.

Four New Wargames Coming This Year From Osprey Games!


Osprey Games has announced that four new wargaming books are going to be landing later this year from a variety of different creators. We start with the one that we saw teased recently, The Doomed. 

Awaken Dark Folk Gods & Their Gifts With MÖRK BORG: Ikhon


Free League Publishing has fired up pre-orders for a new supplement coming to the dark Fantasy world of MORK BORG. Ikhon summons forth four almost-forgotten folk gods and there are many gifts to be received if you would but only listen to their words.

Snap Up Old Bones Issue #1, A Joseph A. McCullough Zine!


Play some of Joseph A. McCullough's wargames and want to get your hands on some bonus material for them? Well, Old Bones is a new zine from McCullough himself that offers up fun bonus content and Issue #1 is available now.

Osprey Announce New Books For Frostgrave, Stargrave & More


Osprey Games have quite a packed calendar when it comes to wargames. Joseph A. McCullough has been at it again with a whole host of new books coming out covering Frostgrave, Stargrave and The Silver Bayonet. The man can't be stopped!

Osprey Reveal The Doomed! Quick Horror Sci-Fi Skirmish Wargaming


Osprey Games has announced a new quick and rules-light Sci-Fi skirmish wargame with a Horror twist. The Doomed is coming out later this year from Chris McDowall in June and will have you diving into a bit of Apocalyptic Horror Hunting!

Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Historical Miniatures Galore; Wargames Atlantic The Best In The Biz? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Fantasy, Sci-Fi AND Historical miniatures. Wargames Atlantic do pretty much everything that you could think of and they just don't seem to be stopping. Do they make the best plastic miniatures in the tabletop business right now?

Want To Play A Tabletop RPG That Isn’t D&D? Try Out These Options


With the recent news about Wizards Of The Coast and the OGL, I thought I'd have a look at some alternatives for those who want to give a tabletop roleplaying game other than Dungeons & Dragons a go. Please, drop your own suggestions in the comments!

Community Spotlight: Cyberpunk Dioramas, Undead & A Final Push!


We have a look at an excellent diorama, some undead that are shambling into Zombicide AND a final push to get a bunch of Kingdom Death miniatures finished.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Justin Did What?! Hitting The Hobby Reset Button For 2023


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we talk about new year hobby resolutions, wiping the slate clean and doing something drastic when it comes to getting your tabletop gaming life in order!

New Romani Miniature Joins The Strigoi Of Carnevale


TTCombat dropped a little preview of what's coming to the world of Carnevale this week. It's not a massive release but there is going to be a new 32mm Female Romani miniature joining the caravan soon. 

Crooked Dice Release Sneaky Gribblies & Secret Base Terrain


A new suite of releases have been added to Crooked Dice's collection for use in 7TV. Leading the way are a pair of packs featuring the dastardly and sneaky Gribblies! 

Celebrate 10 Years Of Westfalia With The Dark Ten Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with their newest project which is celebrating ten years of creating amazing miniatures for the tabletop. The Dark Ten features 32mm miniatures both new and returning that you can snap up and add to your collection.

CMON Add Iron Maiden’s Eddie To Their Suite Of Board Games


Another collection of special character packs have popped up from CMON for those looking at adding some more quirky characters to the likes of Zombicide, Ankh, Massive Darkness and the like. This time, the focus is on Iron Maiden and Eddie!

Crooked Dice Preview Horror Minis Coming In January


Crooked Dice has been showcasing some of the new 28mm Horror/Fantasy miniatures that are going to be coming to their webstore in January 2023. See what you make of these demons and demon hunters!

Snap Up Gloriously Twisted Deadchurch Minis On Kickstarter


A new range of miniatures from Andrew May alongside Tom Pedley and Martyn Dorey are now available for you to snap up. Delve into the twisted town of Deadchurch and see what you make of the denizens who aren't quite right.

Free League Announce The Walking Dead Universe RPG


Free League Publishing has announced a new roleplaying game set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world filled with shambling walkers. The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game is coming soon. 

Play Call Of Duty On The Tabletop! Black Powder Red Earth’s Ace Modern Warfare Minis! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're checking out an ace range of modern warfare miniatures from a company you've probably not heard of. Echelon Software has been making some amazing miniatures for Black Powder Red Earth that would be brilliant for playing Call Of Duty on the tabletop.

Osprey Games Tease New The Silver Bayonet Supplement


Osprey Games has dropped a little tease for a new supplement coming to The Silver Bayonet. You'll be able to head out into The Carpathians and visit Castle Fier. 

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