Add Koolkiwi’s Napoleonic Dread Figures To Your Horror Collection

July 9, 2024 by brennon

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Studio Historia Miniatures has recently added a new set of 28mm figures to their webstore for you to pick up and use in your games of The Silver Bayonet. The Napoleonic Dread French Unit, originally sculpted by Koolkiwi, can be picked up as physical miniatures from Studio Historia right now.

French Officer - Koolkiwi

French Officer // Koolkiwi

There are eight characters for you to choose from in the set featuring the likes of the French Officer (above) and the French Huntress (below). They all have that Napoleonic flare to them but with the added Pulp edge that you get from the likes of The Silver Bayonet. All of these characters would be perfect for those looking to get started with the French in that McCullough skirmish game.

Veteran Huntress - Koolkiwi Miniatures

Veteran Huntress // Koolkiwi Miniatures

The sculpts from Koolkiwi can be picked up on their MyMiniFactory page but if you want the miniatures printed for you, you can get them in the high-quality resin from Studio Historia which is detailed but also flexible.

Native Scout - Koolkiwi Miniatures

Native Scout // Koolkiwi Miniatures

I think the miniatures look great and it's good to see Studio Historia working as a merchant to make these figures available to those who don't have access to a 3D printer or a friend who has one. Check out the physical miniatures based on the renders above and more.

Napoleonic Dread Miniatures - Koolkiwi Miniatures

Napoleonic Dread Miniatures // Koolkiwi Miniatures

Each miniature can be picked up individually or as a full collection of eight miniatures. Stick them on whatever bases you like and away you go. It's so cool seeing that so many small creators are working on their own The Silver Bayonet miniatures, offering up options beyond the standard metal and plastic offerings that you can currently pick up.

Make sure to also check out the rest of the Napoleonic Dread range from Koolkiwi Miniatures over on their MyMiniFactory page and perhaps head off on a new adventure soon.

Do you have a favourite miniature from this set?

"There are eight characters for you to choose from in the set..."

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