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[Seb Games – NEWS] VOID 2.0 Jungle Strike and BattleMag! #3 – 22 May 2024

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion [Seb Games – NEWS] VOID 2.0 Jungle Strike and BattleMag! #3 – 22 May 2024

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    Hi folks,

    I thought it would be best to keep one general topic to cover all the news. So I hope you don’t mind 🙂

    So, here is a quick round-up of our latest news, as there is a lot happening!

    VOID 2.0 – Jungle Strike – New Squad Tactics starter set


    This introductory box is all you need to start your adventure with the VOID and Urban War wargames! Squad Tactics is a supplement to the main game of VOID that focuses on small skirmishes. Players each command a single squad, leading it on infiltration missions, long-range recons, patrols, or simply fighting to survive on the vast battlefields of the Draconis Alba Galaxy.

    Box content:
    • VOID Squad Tactics rulebook
    • 4 Viridian Commandos
    • 1 Viridian Commando Sergeant
    • 1 Viridian Commando Chain Gunner
    • 4 Koralon Tactical Araktons
    • 1 Koralon Tactical Arakton Leader
    • 1 Koralon Assault Arakton
    • 2 D10 dice
    FREE copy of VOID 2.0 Combat Manual
    FREE printed copy of BattleMag#3

    This set is compatible with Urban War: Strike Team Actions.
    You can find all the information and rules on how to use these miniatures in BattleMag#3 

    You can pre-order VOID 2.0 – Jungle Strike from our webshop


    BattleMag! #3


    BattleMag! is a mini-magazine that aims simply to support the games we produce here at Seb Games. In each issue, you can expect new rules, unit profiles, scenarios and everything else that will help you enjoy our games.

    In this issue, you will find:

    • VOID 2.0 Squad Tactics – Jungle Strike rules
    • Stats for using VOID 2.0 – Jungle Strike minis in games of Urban War
    • G.B. Mora rules and background
    • Interview with game designer and writer Mark Brendan
    • Urban War – Viridian Special Forces list
    • Exo Alliance 42 – rules update
    • Preview of a new mass-battle game we are working on!

    This is a printed version of the BattleMag!. The free PDF version of it will be available to download after all pre-orders are delivered.

    Something big is coming!


    Here is a small preview of what we are currently working on. I’m personally very excited about this project. This will be a mass-combat game, with miniatures being about 10-12mm tall

    You can read more about this new and exciting mass-combat game in the new issue of BattleMag!

    That’s all for now! You can check all currently available pre-orders here.



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    uh, nice 8)

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