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Yo Putin, Let’s Settle This By Gaming! We’ve Found The Russian Miniatures To Do It #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We dive into some awesome Historical wargaming miniatures this week. We also have some ace Russian Miniatures perfect for Modern Warfare tabletop games.

Lasercut Architect Preview New Adaptive Terrain Prototypes


Lasercut Architect has been previewing some more of their new kit and ideas to 4Ground as one of their Independent Designers. The new kit they have been working on is called Adaptive Terrain and looks like it could be fun for Sci-Fi wargames.

Dave Taylor & Jeff Hall Decorate Dungeon Terrain In February!


Dave Taylor Miniatures and Jeff Hall are going to be coming on Kickstarter in February with a brand new book! If you're into building fascinating dungeons then how about having a look at The Tremendous Tome Of Decorating Dungeons?

Hunker Down In Warhammer 40K Battlezone Fronteris Terrain


Games Workshop has been showing off some new Sci-Fi terrain coming to the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000. You'll soon be able to pick up the new Battlezone Fronteris terrain which can be used to make all sorts of different (and useful) buildings for your troops to defend.

Easy-To-Build Modular Wargaming Terrain! What’s New For Archon Studio’s Rampart Kickstarter?

5 days ago 7

Warren sits down for an interview with Michal Hartlinski from Archon Studio as they dive into what's new as part of their latest Rampart Kickstarter which offers easy-to-build modular wargaming terrain in 28/32mm scale.

New Warhammer 40K Kill Team Starter Options Pop Up This Week


Some brand new options are popping up for those who didn't dive into Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team with the release of the initial boxed set. If you want to get started in their Sci-Fi skirmish wargame then Games Workshop has made a brand new Starter Set.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Why Doesn’t My Hobby Feel Like Art?


Warren, Gerry, Ben and Free dive into a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS for 2022. Warren has a pressing question as he doesn't feel like his hobby is the art that it rightly should be! Do you agree?

Jaw-Dropping Terrain For Epic 40K & Massive Flames Of War Preview Drop! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We show off some jaw-dropping wargaming terrain that would work for Epic 40K AND dive into the big Flames Of War Preview Drop.

Explore The Augusta Industrial Terrain Set By Warcradle [Updated]


A new set of terrain is available to pre-order from the folks at Warcradle Scenics. This set of 28/32mm terrain would be perfect for those playing games of Mythos although it could be used for all manner of games. See what you make of the Augusta Industrial Terrain Set.

4Ground & Dreamholme Work On New Resin Island Terrain


4Ground are going to be working with another indie designer in the near future. Shaun Mutton's "Dreamholme" terrain collection is going to be arriving on their webstore soon and includes some new coloured resin terrain for use in your naval wargames.

Modern City TerrainCrate Sets Arriving February From Mantic


Mantic Games offered up a new preview of what's on the cards for their expanding TerrainCrate collection. They have done plenty for Fantasy and Sci-Fi but their newest sets would be good for Modern settings including some superhero-based encounters.

Hunker Down In Empire At War’s 28mm Viking & Rus Ring Fort


Empires At War has been showing off their upcoming Viking & Rus Ring Fort that will be handy for those battling during the Dark Age on the tabletop. It should be available on their webstore in the near future!

Micro Art Studio Preview New Pre-Painted Terrain Range


Micro Art Studio has been showing off some of the new terrain they have lined up for 2022. They are going to be delving into the world of Pre-Painted/Pre-Coloured Terrain which can be dropped onto your tabletop easily.

Community Spotlight: Orc Terrain, World War I & Battlefield Football

2 weeks ago 8

Check out some terrain building to start off the new year, some World War I French and finally a fantastic diorama for the winter.

Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D Agents Join Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games are adding some ace new miniatures into the mix for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Nick Fury and the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D are going to be diving into the superhero action on the tabletop during 2022.

Raging Heroes Bring Empires Of The Eastern Suns To Patreon


Raging Heroes are hitting 2022 running with a big new set of releases over on Patreon for those wanting to dive into the world of 3D Printing. Empires Of The Eastern Suns brings new fascinating monsters, characters, creatures and terrain to the tabletop.

Community Spotlight: Middle-earth, Necromunda Terrain & Classic Space Marines


Take a look at some neat crafting and painting from our community this week with a Middle-earth diorama, some Necromunda terrain and the return of some classic(ish) Space Marines!

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Tabletop Goodies Did You Get This Christmas?


Join us for the last episode of Cult Of Games XLBS for 2022. In this episode, we're wishing everyone Merry Christmas and opening up some presents from the community.

Monsters, Heroes & Gangers; Heresy Has it! + What Are 2022’s Tempting Tabletop Titles? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We check out monsters, heroes and gangers from Heresy Miniatures PLUS some tempting tabletop titles for 2022. 

Battlefront Showcase Flames Of War & Team Yankee In 2022


Battlefront Miniatures have put together a preview of what awaits you in 2022 for both Flames Of War and Team Yankee. Some awesome books, miniatures and boxed sets are on the horizon for budding World War II and World War III wargamers.

Unboxing: Islands And Archipelagos Set | Dystopian Wars

1 month ago 2

We get stuck into an Unboxing of the Islands And Archipelagos Set from Warcradle Studios for use with their naval wargame, Dystopian Wars. A perfect set of 1/1200 scale terrain.

Community Spotlight: Rebels, Post-Apocalyptic Mice & Scratch-Built Terrain!

1 month ago 3

Dive into another Community Spotlight this week as we look at Star Wars: Legion, Aftermath Mice and some Scratch-Built Historical terrain!

Archon Preview Next Modular Terrain Kickstarter For 2022


Archon are expanding their collection of Rampart terrain soon with a new Kickstarter launching on 11th January 2022.

Cult Of Games XLBS: If You Could Only Play One Miniatures Game; What Would It Be?!


Join us for another episode of Cult Of Games XLBS. In this episode, we're asking an important question. If you could only play one tabletop miniatures game, what would it be?

MiniWarGaming’s Own EPIC Chaos Miniatures + Don’t Get Foam-o! Ace Hard Foam Terrain! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We check out MiniWarGaming's epic new Chaos Miniatures PLUS dive into the awesome world of Hard Foam Terrain!

Battle Through A Stacked Shanty Town With TTCombat’s Terrain


TTCombat has been putting together some more previews for what awaits us in 2022. Terrain is a core of their catalogue and some new modular bits and bobs are going to be popping up in the near future.

3D Print The Great Wraith-Shard With OnePageRules This Month


OnePageRules has expanded its collection of 3D Printing offerings for this month with loads of awesome Sci-Fi and Fantasy miniatures. We start with the Robot Legions who are able to draw on the power of their Great Wraith-Shard.

Bundle Stowage Onto Your WWII Tanks With Rubicon Models


Rubicon Models have put together a couple of sets for their expanded 1/56 scale World War II collection. Two Stowage Packs are available for you to snap up for both the Soviets and Germans. 

Explore The Crypt Of The Dwarf King With Reaper Miniatures


Expanding the Dungeon Dwellers Encounters range, Reaper Miniatures has put together another Bones Black collection featuring terrain and miniatures. The Crypt Of The Dwarf King is a ready-made adventure for you to dive into on the tabletop.

Wander Around Tabletop World’s New Timbered House!


Tabletop World has finished off the work on one of their new terrain pieces for you to drop into your Fantasy and Historical games. 2022 will see the release of their Timbered House which is another exquisitely put-together resin option for your tabletops.

Fighting Felines Sneak Into TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Soon


A selection of awesome fighting cats are on the way as part of TTCombat's Rumbleslam! The One Thousand And One Fights are a bunch of awesome Fantasy Felines that you'll be able to use to dominate the ring! 

Henry Cavill; Forget Witcher Be Our 40K Emperor! + Hot Bespoke Call Of Cthulhu Minis! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We swoon over Henry Cavill and his love of 40K PLUS check out some amazing bespoke fantasy miniatures and cosmic horrors.

Kromlech Release New Frostgrave Terrain This Week [Updated]


Kromlech are gearing up to release their new themed Frostgrave Terrain alongside the launch of Blood Legacy. With loads of terrain options for your regular games and plenty that are designed for specific scenarios, this is looking to be a fun line-up!

Community Spotlight: Star Trek Away Teams, Oldhammer & Runequesting!


We head off to adventure in the world of Star Trek, build up an Empire army worthy of the Old World and then delve into a bit of Runequest!

Scrap Around An Ancient Roman Theatre From Sarissa Precision


Sarissa Precision has released a new terrain kit for those playing 28mm Historical games like Gangs Of Rome. You can now get your hands on a Roman Theatre Under Construction, the perfect place for your gangs of ruffians to clash.

4Ground’s New Norman Terrain Now Released [Updated]


4Ground has been working on some new Historical terrain to release very soon indeed! A new range of Norman Terrain is coming soon for those looking to build up their collection of Medieval terrain for their tabletops. 

Unboxing: 10mm Argatoria Terrain | Spellcrow


Gerry dives into an unboxing of a new set of 10mm Fantasy wargaming terrain. This comes from the expanded Spellcrow's Argatoria range!

Cult Of Games XLBS: No One Expects The Nostalgic Inqusition!


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS where nostalgia is taking hold and everything that was old is new again. We explore hobby passion projects and indulgent ideas!

New Marvel RPG: Would You Pay To Playtest? + WOAH 3D Printed Knights & Cat Girls?! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We talk about the upcoming Marvel superhero RPG and ask should you pay to playtest a rule set, and check out a fantastic new 3D sculptor as they start out!

Visit The Land Of The Frost With Raging Heroes’ Patreon [Updated]


Raging Heroes are preparing for another month of awesome 3D Printing releases over on Patreon. Heroes Infinite expands for the month of December with a brand new set of Russian and Eastern Europe-inspired miniatures for your Fantasy battlefields. 

Unboxing: Deadzone 3rd Edition Starter Set | Mantic Games

2 months ago 6

Gerry dives into an unboxing of the massive Deadzone 3rd Edition Starter Set which is ideal for getting two players into this Sci-Fi skirmish game by Mantic Games.

Renedra Craft New Viking Houses For Dark Age Wargames


Renedra has put together a neat new terrain set for those wanting to build up Dark Age tabletops. A new Viking House is now available over on their webstore in 28mm scale, perfect for raiders to pillage and for setting up shop on a new island.

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