Pre-Order New Kill Team: Termination Set This Weekend

May 27, 2024 by brennon

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Games Workshop will be taking pre-orders this weekend for a new Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team boxed set. This time, the Leagues Of Votann are clashing with the Genestealer Cults on Bheta-Decima in Kill Team: Termination.

Kill Team Termination - Warhammer 40000

Kill Team: Termination // Warhammer 40,000

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This new set continues the battle for control of Bheta-Decima and contains a rulebook with lore and updated rules for both teams. You will also find additional mission rules and more for you to use when diving into games with this particular pairing. The set comes with miniatures for two new Kill Teams leading with the Hernkyn Yaegirs.

Hernkyn Yaegirs Kill Team - Warhammer 40000

Hernkyn Yaegirs Kill Team // Warhammer 40,000

The Hernkyn Yaegirs are the scouts of the Leagues Of Votann who find themselves crash-landing on Bheta-Decima and now having to fight for survival. You will have seen this style of Votann before as Hernkyn Pioneers but now they are dismounted and looking to use their kit to battle their way out of a tight situation.

Going up against them are the Brood Brothers.

Brood Brothers Kill Team - Warhammer 40000

Brood Brothers Kill Team // Warhammer 40,000

This set uses a new upgrade sprue alongside the existing Cadian Infantry frames to create the Brood Brothers. This represents those soldiers of humanity who have been infected by the Genestealer curse and now fight for a very different overlord. These soldiers are joined by some notable Genestealer characters like the Patriarch, Magus and some sneaky little hangers-on.

If you're looking to delve into a new clash in Kill Team then these might be for you. Which faction would you choose to fight for?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Which faction would you choose to fight for?"

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