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Weekender: Stunning Celestial Miniatures & Building An Age Of Sigmar Tabletop


Join us for The Weekender as we build a tabletop for Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars and show off some stunning painting for the Celestial competition!

Unboxing: Age of Sigmar – Soul Wars


We’re cracking open the Soul Wars set from Games Workshop’s Age Of Sigmar to see what’s inside and building the miniatures to begin our armies!

The Mortarch Of Grief Unveiled For Age Of Sigmar’s Nighthaunt


The team at Games Workshop are keeping the hype up for Age Of Sigmar 2nd Edition with the introduction of another of the Mortarchs to the Nighthaunt.

Prepare For Age Of Sigmar Soul Wars Pre-Orders This Weekend


Games Workshop has been preparing you for the big one as Soul Wars and Age Of Sigmar 2nd Edition comes out for pre-order this weekend.

Weekender: Mythic Weave Tales Of Solomon Kane + CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire Unboxed!


Today we’re unboxing A Song Of Ice & Fire by CMON and hearing all about what makes Mythic Games’ Solomon Kane tick with Az!

Forge World Brings Azog’s Goblin Mercenaries To Middle-earth


The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and its Evil forces get some more reinforcements from Forge World in the shape of these Goblin Mercenaries you would have seen in The Battle Of The Five Armies.

Forge World’s Alpharius Takes Command Of The Alpha Legion


Forge World is adding more traitors to your collection with the full release of Primarch Alpharius of the Alpha Legion (or is it?) this week on their webstore.

New Issue Of SBG Magazine Features Cinematic Hobbit Battle!


The newest issue of SBG Magazine is now available for you to check out! This latest issue delves into a MASSIVE battle report showing off the epic clashes during the final moments of The Battle Of Five Armies as Thorin & Company charge forth to deal with the threat posed by Azog.

New Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar Soul Wars Boxed Set Announced + More!


Games Workshop continues to spoil us with new model previews for Age Of Sigmar as they introduced the new Boxed Set for the game and 2nd Edition, Soul Wars.

Games Workshop Look Ahead To New Codexes, Gangs & More From Middle-earth


Games Workshop gave everyone a bit of an update on what to look forward to when it comes to their various games, both big and small.

Imperial Knights Codex Lands This Week For Warhammer 40,000


The Imperial Knights are getting an updated outing in Warhammer 40,000 this weekend with the coming of their new Codex which offers up improved ways to play these walking tanks on the battlefield.

Shadespire Warbands Soon To Be Available


Games Workshop has announced that their range of Shadespire Warbands are going to be available this weekend without their additional cards and whatnot, allowing you to just use them as is for alternative paint schemes OR just for those who want to use them in Age Of Sigmar.

Weekender XLBS: Tabletop Gaming; What Grinds Your Gears?


Today we’re settling in for a little
bit of a moan and asking what
grinds your gears?

Destruction & Chaos Decks Also Lined Up For Age Of Sigmar Champions


PlayFusion is going to be making sure that there are plenty of options open to you with Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Champions as they showed off a glimpse at the Destruction and Chaos Campaign Decks

Brian Blessed To Be The Voice Of Gotrek In Realmslayer


Some of the keen followers of Games Workshop news will know that Gotrek Gurnisson is alive and kicking.

New Warhammer 40K Harlequins Codex Available This Weekend


Games Workshop, after a weekend of massive news, has settled down to let us know that Codex: Harlequins is coming to Warhammer 40,000 this weekend.

New Stormcast & Nighthaunt Models + A MASSIVE Khorne Dragon


We’re already seen quite a lot of what’s on offer for Age Of Sigmar, but I thought I’d consolidate a lot of the images for the two new big armies into one place from Games Workshop.

A New Range Of Middle-earth Miniatures On The Way


Games Workshop and the Specialist Games Studio has shown off some brand new miniatures for The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and what is fast becoming the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

[Update] Age Of Sigmar’s New Edition, Adeptus Titanicus & Plastic Sisters Of Battle


A new edition of Age Of Sigmar to be revealed and more this weekend at Warhammer Fest.

First Look At New Look Rogue Trader Pops Up From Games Workshop


As far as teasers go, this one is rather fun. Games Workshop has responded to some leaks that popped up this week with a new teaser trailer for Rogue Trader.

Watch The Borders Of The Shire With Re-Released Hobbit Kits


Games Workshop continues to support the progress and growth of The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game with some more re-releases of old models for the range.