Send Mortar Fire Into Enemy Ranks With Pike & Shotte Epic Battles

June 26, 2024 by brennon

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Warlord Games are keeping up with the English Civil War releases with some smaller-scale releases for Pike Shotte Epic Battles. There are some hefty artillery pieces being put into position to start bombarding enemy positions and sowing discord.

Mortar - Pike & Shotte Epic Battles

Mortar // Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles

This Warlord Resin release represents the brutal and terrifying Mortars of the 17th Century. They were often used as sieges, spitting their bombs over walls to cause chaos in the town or city on the other side. They weren't often used in the field against armies, mainly because it was quite hard to get a skilled crew together to concentrate on firing them without blowing themselves to kingdom come!

If you like the idea of running more than one Mortar, you can also get yourself this Mortar Battery which also comes with a Battery Commander.

Mortar Battery - Pike & Shotte Epic Battles

Mortar Battery // Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles

This set comes with three Mortars plus the Master Gunner and Battery Commander watching over the process and spotting targets for his crews. A nifty set for parking at the back of your army as it lays in wait outside the walls of the city.

Bonus Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles Releases

As well as the Mortars, you can also get your hands on some extras for use when enhancing the look of your Pike & Shotte armies. You can get yourself Dragoons Horseholders for example for when your Dragoons head off on foot to do some skirmishing.

Dragoons Horseholders - Pike & Shotte Epic Battles

Dragoons Horseholders // Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles

A nice set for those looking to furnish your army with some accuracy during the heat of battle. You could also use these for dioramas and vignettes to help set the scene.

Last but not least, we have some terrain for those setting up some epic battles during the Pike & Shotte era.

Stone Packhorse Bridge - Pike & Shotte Epic Battles

Stone Packhorse Bridge // Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles

This bridge matches Powick Bridge which was part of the first engagement in the English Civil War between Royalist and Parliamentarian forces. A solid bridge for representing different clashes throughout the period of the 1600s but it would also work all the way up to the Napoleonic period.

All of these miniatures are made from Warlord Resin and are available for you to snap up from the collection right now.

Do you think you're going to be battling over the Stone Packhorse Bridge at Powick?

"This Warlord Resin release represents the brutal and terrifying Mortars of the 17th Century..."

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