Mighty Asgardians Battle Loki In New Marvel: Crisis Protocol Pack

June 6, 2024 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has another awesome character pack coming to the 40mm skirmishes of Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Asgardian heroes find themselves combating the machinations of Loki as he threatens to bring the realm of the gods to its knees!

Asgardian Character Pack - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Asgardian Character Pack // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

The new Character Pack comes with miniatures for Mighty Thor, Thor Odinson and Lady Sif who have joined forces to make sure that Loki doesn't manage to put his plans in place and bring Asgard to ruin. All of the miniatures have had a proper glow up and these are superb new takes on these characters.

Mighty Thor & Thor Odinson - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Mighty Thor & Thor Odinson // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

I love the dynamism of Mighty Thor and Thor Odinson in particular, zooming forward through crackling lightning to smite their enemies. The poses for both characters look great and after looking at both of them, I am particularly won over by the look of Mighty Thor.  She is posed in a great way to make the action feel authentic during your games as you could put any foe in front of her, about to get smacked by Mjolnir!

The second half of the set is given over to Lady Sif who has joined forces with her allies to take down Loki. Loki looks particularly maniacal and once again, the pose and the detail is spot on. Atomic Mass Games really did give these characters a proper upgrade.

Lady Sif & Loki Prince Of Lies - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Lady Sif & Loki, Prince Of Lies // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

I think that fans of Thor are going to have a lot of fun with this set. You can, of course, use these miniatures however you like but I think you could do a fun thematic game based around Asgard and Loki sneaking his way in to steal some artefact of tremendous power.

Asgardian Characters - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Asgardian Characters // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Run Loki as his typical trickster self so when your heroes find him and fight him, they could be striking down one of his illusions rather than the actual Loki! This could allow you to have fun with just this set and it wouldn't be overpowered to have Thor, Mighty Thor and Lady Sif all going up against Loki by himself. With some shifting objectives to consider as well, your heroes would have to really think about where they go next and which Loki they try to tackle!

Thematic Terrain

To set the scene, Atomic Mass Games are also working on a set of terrain befitting of an Asgardian struggle. The first of the sets is for the Battle For Asgard Terrain Pack which comes with plenty of thematic pieces of terrain.

Battle for Asgard Terrain Pack - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Battle For Asgard Terrain Pack // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

This set comes with one Statue, two Fire Signals, one Statue Head, two Braziers and one Node. You also get rules for interacting with this terrain during your games which is neat. All of the regular rules apply of course so you can throw people into terrain and perhaps even pick up pieces to throw!

The big finale can then take place here, on the Asgardian Shrine Terrain Pack.

Asgardian Shrine Terrain Pack - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Asgardian Shrine Terrain Pack // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

This comes with the Gazebo-style Platform where Loki is enacting some powerful ritual alongside a Valkyrie Statue. Much like with the previous set, you also get optional rules to use with this terrain for thematic games.

All of these packs are going to be coming out later in the year around the start of August. So, if you've got Thor and Loki on the brain, this might be a fun selection to pre-order.

Will you be getting these packs for your collection?

"I think you could do a fun thematic game based around Asgard and Loki sneaking his way in to steal some artefact of tremendous power..."

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