Build A New Medieval Tabletop With PWork Wargames Terrain

May 24, 2024 by brennon

PWork Wargames has recently added some new 28mm Fantasy and Historical terrain to their collection for those wanting to build interesting battlefields. There are some great Medieval-themed buildings which would be great for all manner of different games.

New Medieval Buildings - PWork Wargames

New Medieval Buildings // PWork Wargames

Each of the new building kits from PWork Wargames are made in MDF and would be good for wargames that go from 25mm through to 32mm. There are some larger kits in the collection as well as smaller ones. If you're looking to build a location worthy of exploration in your games then you might want to snap up the Village.

Village - PWork Wargames

Village // PWork Wargames

The Village gives you a couple of smaller hovels that might make up a farmstead somewhere on the fringes of civilisation. You could combine a few of these Village sets together if you liked, using the various fences and buildings to make a Medieval or Dark Age location to raid (or defend). This would also be great for a Fantasy game where you've perhaps been tasked with finding out why the locals have started to avoid this location near the woods!

If you're looking to dive into a bit more of an urban adventure on the tabletop, you can get yourself the Town Houses set.

Town Houses - PWork Wargames

Town Houses // PWork Wargames

This gives you a couple of wonderful buildings to slot in around cobbled, winding streets. These are study-looking structures which should also be able to be painted up and weathered for use on the tabletop quickly. What's nice about all the buildings from PWork Wargames that you see here (apart from the crypt that you'll see later) can be accessed so you can play around inside them.

What exploration of the local town is complete without the introduction of an Inn? You can get yourself this larger building and use it as the focal point of your next adventure. It might be great for those playing out the plethora of skirmish games out there or a roleplaying adventure or two.

The Inn - PWork Wargames

The Inn // PWork Wargames

The Inn set comes with both the tavern itself and also a Town House which might be used as the accommodation that the local landlord puts you up in.

The last of the sets is for the Graveyard which seems suitably fitting as an end point for your adventures. You could have started in the outskirts, probing the village for clues. This led you into the nearby town where you had a fight at the tavern when confronting a villain or bandit. He then led you out to the local graveyard where a necromancer has taken up residence and is summoning the dead!

Graveyard - PWork Wargames

Graveyard // PWork Wargames

Sounds like the perfect place for a showdown. If you're looking to enhance your tabletops a little more, PWork Wargames also make a set of Fences which can help to hem in your friends and forests whilst also providing you with plenty of cover.

Fences - PWork Wargames

Fences // PWork Wargames

All of these MDF kits are available right now for you to snap up. Head on over to the PWork Wargames webstore and let us know if you're going to be picking them up.

Which building set is your favourite?

"All of these MDF kits are available right now for you to snap up..."

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