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Bandua Wargames Produce Two New Imperial City Mats


Bandua Wargames has released two new game mats onto their webstore. Their focus is on an Imperial City with the first showing it off in full, ancient machinery churning away in the background and the second lost in a winter storm.

Defend Your Downed Sci-Fi Ship With Blotz’s New Terrain


Blotz is a terrain maker which I hadn’t heard about until today. But, they drew my attention with this new terrain for your Sci-Fi games. Maybe you’d find a place for this on a Star Wars: Legion table?

Reap Your Crops & A Victory On Deep Cut’s Farmer’s Guild Mat


Deep Cut Studio has added another themed mat to their collection of Guild Ball Pitches. Here we have the new mat for the Farmer’s Guild.

Deep Cut Craft Their New Mortician’s Guild Official Mat


Deep-Cut has added another themed mat to their collection for those looking to show their support for the various Guilds of Steamforged Games’ Guild Ball. This time we’re looking to The Mortician’s Guild.

Build Your Own Tombworld With 3D Alien Worlds’ Terrain


3D Alien Worlds really love their Necrons. With that in mind, they have designed a range of 3D Printable Terrain that would be a perfect fit for someone looking to build their own Tombworld.

Snap Up A New Grassy Blood Bowl Pitch From GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu designed new gaming mats for the London Grand Tournament of Blood Bowl and they’ve now brought that design over to their webstore for you to snap up.

Kromlech Announce Release Of Taletop Scenic Forge Balcony


Kromlech have announced the release of Tabletop Scenic’s Mechanicum Forge Balcony.

GameMat.Eu Chem Zone Walls Set Returns

1 recently announced that their Chem Zone Walls system set, which sold out within two weeks of their first appearance in February, have returned for pre-order.

Weekender: The World Of Godslayer On Kickstarter & Fun With Captain Sonar!


It’s the Weekend! Happy gaming everyone!

Deep-Cut Send Us To Space On Their Messier 78 Mat


Deep-Cut Studios have released a limited edition mat that will take our games into the beautiful depths of space; the Messier 78 Mat.

New Sci-Fi Terrain Releases From Knights Of Dice Perfect For Star Wars!


Knights of Dice is making it even easier to outfit the planet of your choice for your Legion games with their latest sci fi terrain. There’s new buildings, scatter and even a transport ready fo you to add to your games!

Micro Art Send Military Supplies Into Infinity


Micro Art Studio have some new Infinity scatter terrain, this time filled with Military Supplies.

Miniature Scenery Shows Off New Escalator Tile For New Paranoia


Are you ready to take your urban landscape up a level? Miniature Scenery has a new Paranoia Escalator Tile to add to your battleboard.

Weekender: Greater Than Games’ Ace Collection & 80’s Cop Fun In Hard City


Welcome to The Weekender which features
us talking about all manner of interesting
tabletop topics including what’s new in the
world as well as chatting with
some ace guests as well.

Gale Force Nine Reveal New Battlefield In A Box Galactic Warzone Terrain


Gale Force Nine has announced that over the coming few months they are going to be creating a range of new Battlefield In A Box terrain which would be perfect for your Star Wars: Legion games.

Micro Art Studio Release Star Wars Themed Desert Terrain


You can now pick up a range of new terrain from Micro Art Studio to use with your games of Star Wars: Legion.

4Ground Reveal A Wealth Of Releases For May 2018


4Ground have a LOT of different kits on the way for you this May. The first of these come from a galaxy far, far away…

Micro Art Have Something Star Wars Planned For May 4th


Micro Art Studio has published a quick teaser on their Facebook for something they have on the way for May 4th.

Customeeple Build Up Terrain For Shadespire Tabletops


Customeeple has been designing a lot of extra components for your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. One of their new products is their range of Blocking Terrain.

Build An Industrial War Zone With PWORK Wargames New Terrain


PWORK Wargames has some new Industrial Terrain for you to check out. I’ve pointed out two of the bundles below which show off some of the terrain you can snap up, but a lot of it is also available separately if you would like!

Head Into A Tropical Swamp With Deep-Cut’s Newest Mat Design


Deep-Cut Studio has put together a new Tropical Swamp Mat for you to get stuck into.