Set Up A Post-Apocalyptic Race Track With Fogou’s RAD TRAX!

May 8, 2024 by brennon

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Make sure to dive in during the last few days to get your hands on a brand-new set of resin terrain from Fogou Models! The RAD TRAX Kickstarter is running right now offering up a chance to build a Post-Apocalyptic race track.

Rad Trax - Fogou Models

RAD TRAX Kickstarter // Fogou Models

This terrain has been designed to work alongside Hotwheels/Matchbox toy cars that are popular with games like Gaslands. All of them have been designed to be easy to prepare and quick to paint allowing you to spend more time customising and kitbashing your Post-Apocalyptic racers.

Rad Trax Advertising - Fogou Models

RAD TRAX Advertising // Fogou Models

There is a good mix of different bits in the kit including the advertising billboards, barricades, barriers, ramps, obstacles and gates that you need to race through. It's all the iconic bits and pieces you need to set up a solid racing track.

Rad Trax Gates - Fogou Models

RAD TRAX Gates // Fogou Models

All of the terrain comes in resin and whilst it has been scaled to match those Hotwheels and Matchbox cars, you could also get away with using this terrain alongside 28mm miniatures and it wouldn't look odd.

Rad Trax Medians - Fogou Models

RAD TRAX Medians // Fogou Models

When it comes to pledging, you can either get yourself one set called The Way Of The Road or you can get two of them as part of their Grand Prix pledge. It's a bloody brilliant set of terrain and perfect for dropping into your games of Gaslands and the like.

Rad Trax Terrain - Fogou Models

RAD TRAX Terrain // Fogou Models

I particularly like the advertising boards from Fogou which have wonderful illustrations. They help set the scene and of course, you could always go and print your own designs to slot into those billboards if you liked.

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"This terrain has been designed to work alongside Hotwheels/Matchbox toy cars..."

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