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‘The Shire’ Real Terrain Hobbies STL Files Now On Kickstarter


The Hillside Hamlet is now live on Kickstarter, equipping you with the ability to turn your tabletop is a legitimate home for Hobbit-folk.

Ten Days Left For Dragon’s Forge 3D Printing Kickstarter


Dragon's Forge Miniatures are closing in on the last ten days of their Kickstarter which looks to bring their online tools and 3D Printing service to life. The campaign has been funded and the team are now unlocking Stretch Goals.

The Wargaming Stories Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Industry!


Ocean View Studios is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund The Wargaming Stories, a series of shows for diehard hobbyists which looks behind the scenes of a business that has been growing and growing over the last few years. 

Visit Crooked Dice’s Colony 87 Once Again On Kickstarter


Crooked Dice are going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with another Sci-Fi project that looks to expand on the characters and personalities that you'll find at Colony 87. Take a peek at some of the upcoming 28mm miniatures here. 

Combine Wood Art And Tabletop Gaming In Moku Tower Kickstarter


Moku Tower takes inspiration from its predecessor, Woodas. Where players combine the two genres of Wood Art and Tabletop Gaming to create something entirely new. 

Bad Squiddo Launches Definitely Not Damsels Kickstarter!


Bad Squiddo Games are back on Kickstarter this week with a brand new short campaign, Definitely Not Damsels!

Dragon’s Forge Miniatures Now Live On Kickstarter!


Dragon's Forge Miniatures is coming to Kickstarter tomorrow (30th September) with their collection of customisable digital kits, STL Files and 3D Prints for you to use when making adventurers and foes for use in your tabletop games.

Ragnarok’s New Kickstarter Brings Norse Draugr To The Tabletop


Ragnarok Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with their next big expansion to their Fantasy Norse range. The previous campaign introduced the Dvergr (Dwarves) to the tabletop and this new campaign now unleashes the restless dead, the Draugr, onto the battlefields.

Chris McDowall’s Strange Into The Odd RPG Returns To Kickstarter


Chris McDowall has brought his strange world of Into The Odd back to Kickstarter for a new edition that will be printed and distributed by Free League Publishing.

Myth & Goal Kicks Off Its Fantasy Football Kickstarter Project!


Blacklist Games and Needy Cat Games have come together to bring a new project to Kickstarter. Myth & Goal is looking like an excellent new Fantasy sports board game for you to dive into! 

CMON Launch Funding For Masters Of The Universe: Clash For Eternia


CMON has finally launched their Kickstarter and funding for Masters Of The Universe: The Board Game - Clash For Eternia (yep, another long title). They have (obviously) busted through their initial funding for this clash between heroes and villains.

Print & Play The Beastrider Wars Of The Shattered Crown


Dead Earth Games are back on Kickstarter with a Print & Play wargame for you to dive into. The Shattered Crown is expanding with The Beastrider Wars. This is a new Fantasy skirmish game with 3D Printable miniatures and rules available in PDF form with every pledge. 

Duncan Rhodes Brings Two Thin Coats Paint Range To Kickstarter


Alongside his partners at Trans Atlantis Games, Duncan Rhodes has achieved his final form. Once the golden scion of painting at Games Workshop, Rhodes has stepped out of their shadow, launched his YouTube channel and has now taken to Kickstarter with his very own paint range, Two Thin Coats.

Emvicreative Bring New Goblin Heroes To Greenskull Castle!


Emvicreative has now hit up Kickstarter with their new project which is aiming to get a new bunch of Heroes & Legends to the tabletop for their Greenskull Castle range. There are eight new heroes and six giants for you to check out this time around. 

Warploque Preview The Explorer & Pals For Kickstarter!


Warploque Miniatures are preparing for the release of their newest Kickstarter which is aiming to bring a new comic to life focusing on ArcWorlde! As well as the comic, you'll also be able to pick up a set of 32mm Fantasy miniatures too!

Start A Welsh Army With Footsore Miniatures’ New Kickstarter


The Welsh are now available for you to snag from the folks at Footsore Miniatures over on Kickstarter. There are great options for those wanting to dive in and pick up a Dark Age/Early Medieval force and also an army for the High Medieval and The Barons' War too.

Freecompany Reveal New Unlocks Eldfall Chronicles


As Freecompany get closer to opening their pledge manager on September 6th, they have shown off renders for two of the four new unlocked miniatures and what can I say but wow.

Add The Kitsune Clan Into Your Legends Of Signum Battles!


Signum Games are now back on Kickstarter with a fun new release for those wanting you to expand on your Legends Of Signum battles. This time around, the Kitsune Clan Of The Scarlet Forest are making their way to the tabletop to do battle in their Fantasy wargame.

Snap Up New Fantasy Dwarves From Macrocosm’s Kickstarter


Macrocosm are back on Kickstarter with a small but awesome project working to produce four new Dwarven miniatures for use in your Fantasy wargames. You have the option of these new bearded adventurers and more from the Macrocosm back catalogue.

Piano Wargames Bring The Price Of Crowns To Kickstarter


Piano Wargames is now on Kickstarter with a Napoleonic project that features some stunning 28mm Historical miniatures. Lucas Luber has decided to focus on a particular army from the Kingdom Of Württemberg as part of The Price Of Crowns Kickstarter.

Draco Studios’ Dragonbond: Lords Of Vaala Now Live On Kickstarter!


Draco Studios' Dragonbond: Lords Of Vaala, a massive asymmetrical board game designed by Alessio Cavatore, is now live on Kickstarter. This is a seriously impressive Fantasy board game that includes one of my favourite elements of the genre, dragons!

Twilight & Anyaral’s Kedashi Swarms Miniatures Hit Kickstarter


The World Of Twilight and Anyaral are back on Kickstarter as they seek to produce more miniatures for the various factions of their Fantasy world. The Kedashi Swarms are the newest miniatures part of a short campaign!

Snag New Armies With Bloodfields: Eternal Sorrow Kickstarter


Titan-Forge have come back to Kickstarter with a new project for Bloodfields! Their Fantasy skirmish game, brought to life in May 2020, is getting some new armies and offering folks a chance to pick up all manner of warriors, heroes and monsters from their collection.

Check Out Westfalia Miniatures’ Epic True Monsters On Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures has teamed up with Boris Woloszyn once again to design some fantastic True Monsters in 32mm scale for use in your tabletop roleplaying games and wargames. See what you think of them!

Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter Now Live


Privateer Press is now live with more Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika Kickstarter for a brand new campaign. The Thousand Worlds offers up brand new Sci-Fi miniatures for the factions in the game and more.

ZombieSmith Brings New War Of Ashes Fluffy Viking To Kickstarter


ZombieSmith is on Kickstarter right now with an update to their War Of Ashes miniature collection. You are currently able to snap up miniatures in both resin and digital format (to print at home) to use in their games of Shieldbash and perhaps a bit of Shieldwall too.

Join The Battle Between Light & Darkness With Guardians Of Fire!


Magical Miniature Game are now on Kickstarter with their immense new Fantasy adventure board game, Guardians Of Fire. Based on a series of comics, the game dives into a two-to-five player quest through mythological ancient Persia.

One For All’s Soul Raiders Now Live On Kickstarter!


Marc André's new game is now live on Kickstarter thanks to the folks from One For All. Soul Raiders has you taking on the role of mighty warrior-mages as part of a story-driven epic game for one to four players.

Greebo Take Cutiemals Back To Kickstarter With Chimpah Limpah!


Greebo Games are returning to Kickstarter with more Fantasy Football goodness soon. Chimpah Limpah will feature new teams of Cutiemals for you to use as alternatives in your tabletop sports games. 

Hagglethorn Hollow STL Terrain Files Now On Kickstarter


Printable Scenery has teamed up with Johnny Fraser-Allen and the team behind the amazing Hagglethorn Hollow terrain range to hit Kickstarter once more. Their hand-crafted Fantasy terrain has now been scanned and turned into high-resolution STL Files, optimised for 3D Printing at home. 

Conquer The Napoleonic World In PHALANX’s Coalitions


PHALANX Games' Coalitions is now live on Kickstarter and the team are looking to introduce you to a whole new strategic experience on the tabletop. This grand Napoleonic board game is funded and looking to unlock more as the campaign progresses.

6: Siege – The Board Game Now Available On Kickstarter


6: Siege - The Board Game from Mythic Games is now live on Kickstarter. Make sure to check out the campaign down below after you've watched their badass trailer.

Dunkeldorf Kickstarter Unlocks New Characters & More


The newest Dunkeldorf Miniatures Kickstarter campaign from King Games is closing in on its last ten days. The project has far exceeded its initial goal and a bunch of additional characters and more have been unlocked for this 28mm Fantasy collection.

Eldfall Chronicles Moves Towards Final 48 Hours On Kickstarter!


Eldfall Chronicles from FreeCompany is moving towards its final 48 hours on Kickstarter. With that, we wanted to take a peek at what they've been doing recently as they look to bring their brand new Fantasy skirmish game to life.

Challenge Friends In A Putrid Duel With Farts & Fairies


When toilet humour meets whimsy, you find a handful of fairies and a wild bunch of wacky characters in the middle who cannot control their backdoor breeze. Farts vs Faries takes players into a fart-fight to the end, by launching and dodging the smelliest of attacks to one another to win the game. The self-published game has landed on Kickstarter, with 17 days to go until it dilutes into the ether. 

Moonstone Closes In On Final Hours For The Arising Kickstarter


Goblin King Games are closing in on the final day or so of The Arising Kickstarter for their whimsical Fantasy skirmish game, Moonstone. 

Check Out The New Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf Kickstarter!


King Games are now back on Kickstarter with their new project, The Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf. Much like their previous campaigns, these Fantasy miniatures are perfect for those wanting to tell Old World stories in a realm that is perhaps a little grimdark.

March To War With 3DBreed’s New World War II Kickstarter


3DBreed Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with another of their 3D Printing campaigns. This time around they are back in World War II with a Historical project, Europe In Flames.

Moonstone’s The Arising Kickstarter; Campaigns & More!


Goblin King Games is now a few days into their new Kickstarter for The Arising, a new expansion and supplement to their whimsical Fantasy game, Moonstone. 

Diehard Miniatures Bring A Chaos Incursion To Kickstarter


Tim Prow of Diehard Miniatures is back on Kickstarter with another campaign that looks to bring a range of Oldhammer-style Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures to the tabletop. Chaos Incursion 2 is packed with fascinating characters and minions!

The Witcher: Old World Board Game Hits Kickstarter


Go On Board has now launched their Kickstarter for The Witcher: Old World. This game, set before the events of the famous Fantasy franchise, has you putting on the boots of Witchers as you head out to hunt monsters and make a name for yourself.

Fireforge Games’ Stone Realm Dwarf Kickstarter Now Live


The Stone Realm Kickstarter from Fireforge Games is now live. You'll be able to snap up the miniatures from their new plastic 28mm Dwarf sets which are designed for their Forgotten World collection and could be used across the board in myriad Fantasy wargames.

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