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Chronicle Your RPG Tales With Hero: The Adventurer’s Journal


Isola Illyon Edizioni is on Kickstarter right now with a new project for those who like to chronicle the life and times of their adventurers when they begin a role-playing game.

Dragonlock Bringing New 3D Printable Miniatures To Your Home


Looking for some monster to grow at home? How about printing them yourself on your 3D printer? Then take a look at this Kickstarter.

Claim Control Of Forgotten Castles In Crimson Company


Crimson Company is a 2 player intense, skill-based dueling game in which you assemble a ragtag army of warriors, merchants and mythical creatures to try and gain control of the castles of a forgotten kingdom.

Become A Crazy Cat Owner In Too Many Poops On Kickstarter


If you are an avid gamer (like me), and a completely mental cat lady (also like me), why not combine both your insane obsessions in a game about adorable kitties and their not so adorable poops!

Ouroboros Miniatures Present Their Dragon Master Busts


Ouroboros Miniatures have taken to Kickstarter with two bespoke Dragon Master Busts that they've been working on for a while

Indie Thursday: Tiki Gods, Travel Gaming & Top Designers!

6 days ago 8

Cass gets tortured by Ryan who, after a week off, is super excited to talk about the coolest new Indie game offerings this week!

Hire From MOMminiaturas’ Marienburg Company


MOMminiaturas has taken to Kickstarter with their latest range of Fantasy releases. You can join up with their Marienburg Warband and make some money in the Old World.

Ancient Lair Showcase Detailed Dungeon Display


Ancient Lair have designed an Epic Dungeon Display to showcase your miniatures in style!

Leder Games Announce New Root Underworld Expansion


Root was warmly received by the gaming community when it was released for its innovative narrative, asymmetric design, and vast replayability. Now, Leder Games have announced the first expansion for the hit game, coming to Kickstarter on March 14th!

Punga Miniatures Announce New Fantasy Football Team


Avast,ye landlubbers! There be some keelhaulin' to do, cos I smell a rat! Punga Miniatures have released preview images for their latest fantasy football team, and they'll steal your booty and your brie!

Fria Ligan Working On Illustrated Version Of Call Of Cthulhu


Fria Ligan is going to be taking to Kickstarter soon alongside illustrator François Baranger to produce a full art version of Call Of Cthulhu, the Lovecraftian classic.

The Wild West Just Got Wormy In Terror Below


Lately, there have been strange goings on in the wide, open spaces of the Nevada desert.

Bring On The Battles! New Orc Warband From Yedharo Models


Yedharo Models have delved into the gathering darkness to bring forth an Orc Warband so terrifying, so fearsome, and so utterly ripped that no sane opponent would dare stand in their way.

Explore The Ruins Of Stormguard With New 3D Printable Terrain


M. Chabot is on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring a set of new 3D Printable Terrain to the tabletop.

Cause Chaos With The Gobham Asylum Fantasy Football Team


Where does a deranged, dangerous goblin live? Why, the GOBham Asylum, of course!

Indie Thursday: Soul Stealin’, Psychics & Spaceships!

2 weeks ago 10

Cass, Lance, and Sam get together to have a look at the best Indie games this week!

Create Tasty Tabletop Treats In Chocolatiers


*undignified drooling*...chocolate. Chocolate board game. Board game about chocolate...*incoherent mumbling*...choc.o.late....

Guzzle Down Prop Potions During Your D&D Adventures


Kevin & Megan Fannin are on Kickstarter looking for funding to create a set of lovely looking RPG Potions for use during your Dungeons & Dragons games. Check it out!

Unboxing: Battle Ravens – The Shieldwall Board Game

2 weeks ago 11

After hitting their funding goal last December we check out Daniel Mersey's Battle Ravens: The Shieldwall Board Game shipping this April.

Explore The American Wilderness In PARKS From Keymaster Games


Keymaster Games are on Kickstarter right now with a game that immediately captured my imagination. I love walking and nature so PARKS: The Board Game seems like it might be right up my street.

Jump Into Campaign Skirmish Game Zone Raiders On Kickstarter


Zone Raiders is the brainchild of Tony Xiao, taking you into the world of Matroshka where your teams fight for survival against each other and other deadly adversaries in a campaign-based skirmish game. 

Erik Angel Builds A Pirate Village On Kickstarter


Erik Angel has taken to Kickstarter looking to get a Pirate Village crafted for your tabletops.

Lewis Collins Brings The Fantasy Four To Kickstarter


Lewis Collins Miniatures brings a range of new Fantasy figures to Kickstarter for those looking for a band of unlikely looking adventurers.

Olsen Brings Harlequin Miniatures Goblins To Kickstarter


John Olsen is on Kickstarter right now bringing an old set of Goblins back to life for you to use in your tabletop wargames from Harlequin Miniatures by Kev Adams.

Delve In Dwarven Dungeons With The Ancient Dice Of Kaldor


It is said the Kaldor dwarves could not imagine the extent to which their powerful artefacts would be used and abused. Perhaps they did. Perhaps they did not. Yet they forged them nonetheless.

Conquer The Fashion World In Prêt-à-Porter


Portal Games will be launching the third edition of Prêt-à-Porter later this year on Kickstarter. Prêt-à-Porter, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Stronghold, 51st State), was originally released back in 2010.

Workhouse Games Bring Tales From The Hollow Earth To Kickstarter


Workhouse Games has taken to Kickstarter with Tales From The Hollow Earth: Volume One - The Awful Orphanage, a book filled with stories from their game world.

Indie Thursday: Attack On Gerry, Multi-Gaming Decks & Panakizhi 3 Games In 1

3 weeks ago 19

Cass, Gerry, Sam, and Ryan get together to check out the coolest Indie games this week!

Greater Than Games Make You Superheroes In Sentinel Comics Kickstarter


Greater Than Games are now on Kickstarter with Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game.

Lead Adventure Experience Noresmian Nights On Kickstarter


Spices and glittering gems are on offer once you visit the markets of Noresmi with Lead Adventure on Kickstarter.

Indie Thursday: Detectives, Dissidents and GOAT CRASHING


Cass, Lance, and Ryan get together to have a look at the coolest Indie games this week!

Brave The Darkness Within In Awaken: The Liboria Saga


Studio 2 Publishing are back with a new chapter in their Awaken Roleplaying Game. Players will have to face the nightmares in the dark, and in their heart, as they face their fears in Awaken: The Liborian Saga.

Travel The World With Your Tribe In Iwari


Evermore have they walked the world of Iwari. Evermore have they embodied its spirit and shaped its lands. They are stewards of the earth.

Become The Best Beast In Race For The Chinese Zodiac


Legend has it that a long time ago, mankind was ignorant to the extent of not knowing how to count or tell the years apart. The ever-benevolent Jade Emperor wanted to help mankind out. From there, the idea of a twelve-year cycle and the naming of each year in the cycle after an animal was born.

The Acolytes Are Coming To Purgatory In Upcoming Kickstarter This March


As the War for Heaven rages on, a new faction emerges on the horizon for Purgatory. Purgatory is headed back to Kickstarter March 1st with a new faction for the game as well as an exciting crossover with Mythos!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Come To Kickstarter


Cowabunga dudes! Late last year we announced that IDW Games were working on two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles miniature games. Now, TMNT: City Fall and TMNT: Change Is Constant have arrived on Kickstarter.

Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum Now On Kickstarter


As the many planes of existence turn and churn, occasionally worlds come into alignment. For brief moments in the multiverse’s timescale, these Conjunctions allow objects to slip from one world to another, sometimes unnoticed, sometimes causing chaos.

UK Under Threat In War Of The Worlds: The New Wave


Several years after the first 'War of the Worlds', a shadowy mass is spotted hovering over rural Scotland. Here, among the hills and valleys, the Martians have landed, intent on another invasion which will see Britain under threat once more!

Indie Thursday: Tanks, Assassins And All Things Japanese!


Cass, John, and Coco get together to have a look at the best new Indie games on offer this week!

Create A New Colony In On Mars Coming To Kickstarter Soon


In 2037, the first settlers arrived on Mars! The base camp was already settled and now, during the next fifty years, a group of very brave people from private space exploration companies are establishing a major colony ruled by a terrestrial organisation, the OMDE (Organisation for Mars Development and Exploration).

Motivational Masterpieces In La Stanza Now On Kickstarter


This might be the strangest game I've ever covered in the news. The mechanic is great, but the theme is, quite frankly, bats**t crazy.

Rule The Realms In Animal Kingdom Now On Kickstarter


In Animal Kingdoms, each player is the ruler of a noble house attempting to gain total control of the five kingdoms. Luckily, the beasts of the land have pledged their allegiance to your faction, and now you must distribute them across the five territories in order to claim the realm as your own!

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