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Fragging Unicorns Bring Misspent Youth RPG To Kickstarter


Fragging Unicorns is on Kickstarter right now looking to expand the Misspent Youth roleplaying game with a brand new book. Become a rebel with a cause and dive into Fall in Love, Not in Line.

Don’t Miss CHRONOPIA Over On Kickstarter Right Now!


Uhrwerk Verlag are on Kickstarter right now with their campaign that is looking to bring the Fantasy wargame, CHRONOPIA, back to the tabletop. The campaign is funded and comes packed with new miniatures and many different game modes. 

Mythic Games’ Anastyr Now Live On Kickstarter!


Mythic Games' new Fantasy board game is now live on Kickstarter! Anastyr brings back a great world and range of miniatures as part of a new board game that has you adventuring to destroy the evil witch Anastyr!

Ares Expedition Develops With Three New Expansion Options


Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is back on Kickstarter from FryxGames and Stronghold Games with THREE new expansions which grow the game experience in different ways. Discovery,  Foundations and Crisis are on the cards.

Vie To Become Emperor In Age Of Rome From Teetotum


Teetotum Game Studios are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding to bring Age Of Rome, a new board game, to life. Take on the role of a mighty Emperor or Empress vying for control of Rome.

Drink Up With Mirliton’s Brewer Monks On Kickstarter


Mirliton is on Kickstarter right now with something a bit different. No, there aren't any warriors here! Instead, we have a set of Brewer Monks in 28mm that could be used for your Historical wargames and diorama builds.

Meridian Kickstart New 28mm Victorian Pedlars And Street Criers


Meridian Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter once more with a different sort of campaign. Instead of crafting soldiers, Andrew May has taken to making the regular folk who wander the streets of Victorian cities!

Macrocosm Bring Chaos Space Dwarves To Kickstarter!


More Dwarves from the folks at Macrocosm Miniatures! This time around, they are looking to fund a new set of 28mm metal miniatures for those seeking to make Chaos Space Dwarf armies for Sci-Fi games.

Dive Into Old-School Essentials Fantasy Roleplaying On Kickstarter


Exalted Funeral is currently on Kickstarter looking to fund their Old-School Essentials Fantasy RPG collection, giving you a chance to dive into a bit of classic adventuring whilst enjoying updated and modern design ideas. 

The Dark Fantasy World Of Coven Comes To Kickstarter!


The dark and twisted world of Coven from an all-star design team is currently available to dive into over on Kickstarter! See what you make of these strange and eldritch offerings from within The Cauldron! 

Get Rotten & Brutal With Westfalia’s MORK BORG Miniatures!


Westfalia Miniatures and their resident amazing sculptor Boris Woloszyn, have teamed up with the folks behind MORK BORG to create a range of miniatures drawn from the artwork of this heavy metal Fantasy roleplaying game.

Heresy Miniatures Dig Up New Plastic 28mm Fantasy Ghouls


Heresy Miniatures are back on Kickstarter looking to offer up a chance to get your hands on some 28mm Fantasy Ghouls but in plastic. 

Crooked Dice Introduce The Pirates Of Luna City To 7TV!


Crooked Dice are back on Kickstarter with a brand new campaign looking to add more Pulp Sci-Fi fun to 7TV. This time around they are heading off on an adventure with Rick Rhodes And The Pirates Of Luna City!

Save The World With The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game


Mantic Games has now launched their Kickstarter for The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game. The game focuses on the amazing graphic novels and world created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá and tasks you with saving the world.

Dig Deep With The Deep Rock Galactic Board Game Kickstarter


Mood Publishing is closing in on the final few hours of their Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game Kickstarter. Fancy digging deep to mine minerals with a band of Sci-Fi Dwarves in a new tabletop experience?

New Wood Elves Awaken The Forests & Creatures On Kickstarter


The RBJ Game Company and Fortress Figures are on Kickstarter right now with a really nice set of 28mm Wood Elves for you to use in your Fantasy wargames on the tabletop. 

New Sci-Fi Wargame Sythopian Wars Charges Onto Kickstarter


Sythopian Wars from Bloodforged Games is now live on Kickstarter looking to bring the game to life! The game is a brand new science-fantasy wargame with a unique collection of miniatures to choose from and a fast, reactive set of mechanics.

Planet 28: 2nd Edition’s Sci-Fi Skirmishes Pop Up On Kickstarter!


Planet 28, the awesome Sci-Fi skirmish miniatures game is now back on Kickstarter from Nic Evans of Mammoth Miniatures. The aim is to get a 2nd Edition of the game out there in the wild for those seeking to play out some violent, grimdark scuffles but with more options!

Brain Games Bring Flickin’ Good Iron Forest To Kickstarter


Brain Games, the creators of the awesomely cool Ice Cool, are now back on Kickstarter with another dexterity-based board game. Get flicking with Iron Forest which is fundraising right now...

Evolution: New World Returns For Anniversary Edition


Evolution: New World is up on Kickstarter from CrowD Games with a fancy new Anniversary Edition adding to the original with new and updated content.

Unmissable “Pay What You Want” 3D Printing Kickstarters!


I have handpicked some campaigns that truly made my eyes sparkle, showcasing 'Pay What You Want' STL files live on Kickstarter.

Tired World Studio Bring Dwarven Sky City Terrain To Kickstarter!


Tired World Studio are a new company that has taken to Kickstarter with some absolutely stunning 3D Printable terrain. They are heading into the Steampunk skies with the Zilvren Skyhold, a brand new set of 28-35mm terrain for those wanting to build Dwarven structures in the clouds!

Osmoticmeld Brings The Art Of Ian Miller To The Tabletop!


Osmoticmeld is a fascinating project that brings together the amazing art of Ian Miller with the sculpting talent of John Robertson (Myriad Miniatures). The project is now live on Kickstarter and features some utterly wild and unique miniatures for painters and wargamers.

Easy-To-Build Modular Wargaming Terrain! What’s New For Archon Studio’s Rampart Kickstarter?


Warren sits down for an interview with Michal Hartlinski from Archon Studio as they dive into what's new as part of their latest Rampart Kickstarter which offers easy-to-build modular wargaming terrain in 28/32mm scale.

Kemet Creator Brings Mayan Warfare & Yucatan To Kickstarter


Kemet is a pretty darn awesome "area control" battle game set against the backdrop of Ancient and Mythological Egypt. Yucatan, from the same team, is now on Kickstarter from Matagot and delves into the brutality of Mayan warfare in the jungle. 

How Guardians Of Fire Brings Mythological Persia To The Tabletop | Designer Interview


Gerry talks with designer Iman Tadayon of Magical Miniature Game about bringing mythological Persia to life on the tabletop with Guardians Of Fire. 

Add 250 Tarot Sized Cards To Your 5E Armoury With Mage Forge


Nerdarchy returns with Mage Forge, a 250 card set of magic items, in a tarot card size to add to your 5th Edition adventures.

Archon Preview Next Modular Terrain Kickstarter For 2022


Archon are expanding their collection of Rampart terrain soon with a new Kickstarter launching on 11th January 2022.

Piano Wargames’ Price Of Crowns Campaign Returns To Kickstarter


The Price Of Crowns returns to Kickstarter from Piano Wargames and it has already garnered loads of attention! The team have already been able to break through their target and start unlocking stretch goals. 

Print My Minis Bring A World Of Dragons To Kickstarter


A World Of Dragons is now available over on Kickstarter from Print My Minis, the creators of ranges from Atlantis Miniatures (now Blue Giant Studios). See what you make of these towering new beasts that come pre-supported and ready to 3D print at home. 

Pick Up A Wizards’ Christmas 2021 From Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes are running their Wizards' Christmas Kickstarter again this year for 2021! You are going to be able to download and print off a whole host of Christmas decorations and more for you to use around the house. 

Explore Vaesen: Mythic Britain & Ireland On Kickstarter Now


Free League Publishing are back on Kickstarter this week with their new campaign for the roleplaying world of Vaesen. Explore a new frontier in Mythic Britain & Ireland thanks to Graeme Davis and the illustrations and world-building of Johan Egerkrans.

Meridian Bring The Twisted Night Heralds To Kickstarter


Meridian Miniatures' Andrew May is back on Kickstarter with a brand new set of miniatures inspired by the work of Black Crab Art, Mortiz Krebs. The Night Heralds are now wandering the grim, muddy, sodden streets of some dark Fantasy world. 

Smol Miniatures Bring 15mm Samurai Warfare To Kickstarter


Smol Miniatures are a new team of sculptors and hobbyists who are looking to bring some new miniatures to tabletops through the wonders of 3D Printing. They are currently on Kickstarter with their project, Samurai Warfare. 

Old School Bring Wasteland Pugs & Hogs To Kickstarter


Old School Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with a fun collection of different miniatures to use in your tabletop games. The wasteland and Wasteman world expands with some excellent new Glory Hogs and Wasteland Pugs.

Printable Scenery Start The Rise Of The Halflings On Kickstarter


Printable Scenery has teamed up with the amazing concept artist, Johnny Fraser-Allen, in order to bring a new set of STL Files to Kickstarter. The Rise Of The Halflings features miniatures and terrain in 28mm (and bigger!) for you to play around with.

Macrocosm Fund New Dwarf High Command Miniatures


Macrocosm are back on Kickstarter (and moving towards the final few days of their campaign) looking to fund their new Sci-Fi Dwarves High Command miniatures. This is another addition to their 28mm collection for use in your games set on planets far, far away.

Loke BattleMats Go Beyond The Blue Nebula With New Kickstarter


Loke BattleMats are now on Kickstarter with their Beyond The Blue Nebula campaign. This offers up loads and loads of new maps and accessories for you to use when playing out Sci-Fi adventures at the tabletop in games like Starfinder!

Artel W Miniatures Bring Magnetic Heroes To Kickstarter


Artel W Miniatures are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign aiming to bring a set of customisable heroes to the tabletop for your roleplaying games. Magnetic Heroes seems like a great way to cover those classic Fantasy archetypes. 

Why Blackletter Games Resurrected Damnation: The Gothic Game | Designer Interview


Dive into a designer interview with Kris Rees of Blackletter Games as we discuss Damnation: The Gothic Game and why it was resurrected for Kickstarter!

Predator & Prey – Hunters Enter The Game! | Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid Kickstarter


Predator & Prey, a new expansion for Infinity Deathmatch: Tag Raid has now been unlocked as part of the Corvus Belli Kickstarter. Hunters enter the game!

Search & Capture – Dravot Group Unlocked! | Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid Kickstarter


The Dravot Group has been unlocked for Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid over on Kickstarter! A big new expansion has been added into the mix by Corvus Belli, Search & Capture.

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