Check Out Force Of Virtue’s Siege Of Gradara Kickstarter!

June 26, 2024 by brennon

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Masterstroke Games are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign for a new expansion to Force Of Virtue! The Siege Of Gradara gives you some great options for expanding your Force Of Virtue games but also diving in for the first time. These folks have put together a great 28mm Renaissance-era skirmish game featuring innovative mechanics.

Force Of Virtue Siege Of Gradara Kickstarter - Masterstroke Games

Force Of Virtue - Siege Of Gradara Kickstarter // Masterstroke Games

For those not aware, Force Of Virtue is a cinematic skirmish wargame of intrigue and heroics set during the Italian Renaissance. Games can be played in under an hour once you've got your head around the mechanics and make use of plots and ploys like ambushes and tricks as well as straight-up clashes of arms between gallant heroes (and villains).

Let's Play: Force Of Virtue - The Renaissance Skirmish Wargame

Force Of Virtue uses between one and fifteen miniatures per side and plays out on small 2x2 foot boards meaning that it isn't going to take up loads of room. Using their deck-building mechanics, you can give into lots of interesting scenarios over the course of an afternoon or evening, especially as games only take between thirty minutes and an hour to play. You can also dive into deep campaigns in Force Of Virtue, telling tall tales.

If this has got you interested, it is worth checking out the two Let's Plays of Force Of Virtue we have here. They give you a great idea of gameplay directly from the designers involved.

Let's Play: Force Of Virtue - Hunting For Information!

You can also find out more about playing Force Of Virtue over on their website HERE.

What's New?

The new campaign aims to bring more content to your Force Of Virtue games with the likes of a brand new Siege Deck which allows you to play out skirmishes before the walls of a city.

Expansion Content - Force Of Virtue

Expansion Content // Force Of Virtue

There is also the addition of a system-agnostic siege campaign system which can be used with Force Of Virtue but can also be applied to other games if you like. This set of rules covers small raids, espionage missions, sallies from the gates and more. The campaign system then introduces supply routes, the build-up of troops and the support you're getting on both sides of the conflict. Will you starve out your enemy or run against the walls with your ladders?

Pikemens Bundle - Force Of Virtue

Pikemen's Bundle // Force Of Virtue

Force Of Virtue has also introduced new rules for cavalry and doing something new with them not really seen in other games. Time has been put into making them more than fast-moving troops with personalities and ways to both help and hinder your riders. You'll find as much detail worked into making your cavalry-based warband as you would your on-foot contingent.

The campaign also comes with brand new STL Files for you to download and print representing key characters from the Renaissance.

STL Files - Force Of Virtue

STL Files // Force Of Virtue

You can also go all in and get your hands on everything you'd ever need for Force Of Virtue, giving you the key elements for getting started in this skirmish game.

All-In Pledge - Force Of Virtue

All-In Pledge // Force Of Virtue

With an updated rulebook and a whole bunch of card decks, you just need to get your hands on some miniatures and you're good to go when it comes to Force Of Virtue. There are, of course, Add-Ons and Stretch Goals including a cavalry experience and a visit to the actual Gradara so you can see what you'd be fighting over on the tabletop.

This is an impressive campaign for a fun indie wargame which is well worth diving into. Make sure to watch our Let's Plays and see if Force Of Virtue is for you!

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"Make sure to watch our Let's Plays and see if Force Of Virtue is for you!"

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