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Bolt Action Goes Big! New World War 2 Miniatures For The Desert War + WIN Starter Set #OTTWeekender

7 days ago 44

It's OTT Weekender time! Warlord Games has gone big with a massive host of new 28mm Italian miniatures for use in their World War 2 wargame, Bolt Action. All of them are perfect for The Desert War alongside the new Starter Set.

V&V Miniatures Ride With A Medieval Arab Mounted Command


V&V Miniatures has continued to expand its Armies Of Islam range with a new set of Mounted Command figures. This set comes with a collection of 28mm resin leaders, heavily armoured and ready for a charge. 

Never Mind The Billhooks Getting Deluxe Upgrade Soon


Andy Callan's set of War Of The Roses wargaming rules from 2020 is going to be getting an update soon with Never Mind The Billhooks Deluxe in the works from the team at Wargames Illustrated.

Historical & Fantasy Armies Made Easy With Fireforge; Ace For Kings Of War Wargaming? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Building a Kings Of War army? Why not have a look at the Historical & Fantasy armies from FireForge games that could make it easy to get wargaming with some ace-looking 28mm miniatures?

Lion Rampant 2nd Edition; Wargaming History & What’s New + Exploring The Games Of Daniel Mersey!

2 weeks ago 8

Gerry is joined by one of the most prolific game designers in the tabletop wargaming industry, Daniel Mersey. We learn of the history behind Lion Rampant and what's new for the 2nd Edition of the game, available now from Osprey Games.

The Leagues Of Votann Revealed! GW Hit The Jackpot With Warhammer 40K’s New Faction? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! The Leagues Of Votann have been revealed! Has Games Workshop hit the jackpot with Warhammer 40K's newest faction?

Pre-Order New Arab Infantry For Fireforge’s Armies Of Islam


The folks at Fireforge Games are now taking pre-orders for two new sets of plastic 28mm Arab Infantry that can be used in your Historical wargames. The Armies Of Islam range has now expanded offering up pretty much all of the core options for crafting an army.

OSHIRO Release New 28mm Medieval/Renaissance Terrain


OSHIRO has released two new 28mm terrain kits to their webstore for use with your Medieval and Renaissance-era battles on the tabletop. You're now able to pick up a Townhouse and Outhouse to battle in and around.

Content Creator Interview: PanzerKaput


In this next addition to our Content Creator Interview series, we chat with PanzerKaput about their work on a range of Historical wargames and more!

More Choice Than Warhammer! WW1 & WW2 Wargaming Armies You’ve Probably Never Played! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We look at some fantastic WW1 and WW2 Historical wargaming armies that we bet you've probably never played as on the tabletop. You certainly have more choice than with Warhammer!

Claymore Castings Preview New Medieval Knight Bitz & More


Claymore Castings has been showing off some of the new miniatures that they have been working on that will soon be joining their 28mm scale Medieval collection. We start with some Knights in all their splendour. 

Community Spotlight: Star Wars Droids, The Barons’ War & The Democracy!


We dive into some Star Wars: Legion, a look at more epic The Barons' War miniature and also the Rise Of The Democracy!

Craft A 6mm Medieval Village For Wargaming Over On Kickstarter


Philip Page of Slug Industries is on Kickstarter right now with an awesome little campaign focused on creating 6mm (1/300th) scale terrain for your Medieval tabletops. A whole Medieval Village is up for grabs!

Rain Down Arrows With V&V Miniatures’ Arab Archers


V&V Miniatures has expanded their Crusades-era collection with a set of new 28mm Arab Archers for you to use in your Historical skirmish wargames. This is a set of four new resin miniatures that you can drop into your games.

Imperium: Horizons Announced By Osprey Games For 2023!


Osprey Games has announced a third entry in the Imperium series of card games. Another empire-builder is on the cards (hah) with Imperium: Horizons which is slated for release next year in 2023.

WoFun Games Offer Up 17 Historical Rule Sets For FREE!


The folks at WoFun Games have offered up a rather awesome present for Historical wargamers this month. They are offering up seventeen WoFun Starterpack PDF Rule Sets for FREE.

Rob Footsore’s New Armoured Tax Cart In The Barons’ War


The Barons' War from Warhost has recently got a bit sticky-fingered with bandits, rogues and vagabonds hitting the tabletop. With so many well-intentioned "robbers of the rich" in the mix, they need something to steal from. This is where the Armoured Tax Cart comes in from Footsore Miniatures & Games.

New Claymore Castings Medieval Bowmen & Skirmishers


Claymore Castings has released two new packs of 28mm metal miniatures for use in your Medieval wargames. We start with a set of Dismounted Horse Archers who are getting ready to cover a skirmish from afar.

Harry Hotspur Joins The Giants In Miniature Collection


Wargames Illustrated has gone Medieval with their newest addition to the Giants In Miniature collection. Harry Hotspur is now available for you to snap up so you can lead your English soldiers into the heart of battle.

The Adventures Of Robin Hood Board Game Meets Friar Tuck!


The Adventures Of Robin Hood is a pretty fun story-based board game from the folks at KOSMOS. The game expands and grows as you go, telling stories in an unfolding world of myth and legend as you undertake adventures as Robin Hood and his Merry Men. A new expansion is now on the way featuring good ol' Friar Tuck!

Baby Yoda & The Mandalorian Join Star Wars Legion + An Atomic Mass Of Disney News! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! It's a Disney extravaganza as Atomic Mass Games drop a bomb of releases for Star Wars: Legion and Marvel Crisis Protocol. If you fancy a baby Yoda to go with your Mandalorian or a Nick Fury for your Captain America we check them out and more.

Footsore Miniatures Unleash The Welsh On The Barons’ War


Footsore Miniatures & Games has added a massive amount of models into the mix for those playing both Medieval and Dark Age wargames this week! If you were ever wondering about where to get your hands on some awesome Welsh miniatures...well, they have you sorted.

Antediluvian Preview Robert The Bruce & The Black Douglas!


Antediluvian Miniatures has teamed up with Matthew Bickley to add more characters to their Wars Of The Bruce's collection. Two major characters are going to be coming to their webstore soon starting with Robert The Bruce himself.

Claymore Castings Bring Mounted Sergeants To The Battlefield


Claymore Castings has added a couple of new packs to their collection for use on the Medieval battlefield. This time around, a set of 28mm Mounted Sergeants are riding forth, keeping an eye on your troops as they get ready for a charge. 

Let’s Play: Crescent Moon | Osprey Games


The OnTableTop team sit down for a Let's Play of an awesome new asymmetrical board game from Osprey Games called Crescent Moon! Who will come out on top?

Want A Golden Axe Board Game? Anastyr By Mythic Games Can Scratch That Itch! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Want a Golden Axe board game? Anastyr from Mythic Games can scratch that itch with some EPIC looking new miniatures and fun side-scrolling gameplay.

Long Lost Fantasy Wargame Returns! Fans Reboot CHRONOPIA & You Won’t Want To Miss it! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! A long lost Fantasy wargame has returned. Diehard fans have rebooted CHRONOPIA and you won't want to miss it as it's looking like it could be epic.

Warhost Share More Awesome The Barons’ War Outremer Sculpts


Andy Hobday of Warhost has been sharing more amazing Paul Hicks sculpts ahead of the Outremer Kickstarter for The Barons' War in May. It's becoming very tempting to dive deep into a big Historical Crusader-based adventure next month.

Clansmen & Highlanders Join Black Scorpion’s Collection


Black Scorpion Miniatures is honing in on a set of new releases soon as a sort of Virtual Salute, making up for the fact that we don't have an event this year. New 32mm Fantasy/Historical miniatures are making their way to their webstore for Cutlass! and Breninmoor.

Grab Gutted At Gaillard Mini-Campaign For The Barons’ War


Footsore Miniatures & Games and Warhost have now released their new Mini-Campaign for The Barons' War. Gutted At Gaillard is a set of three scenarios playing out a clash between two rivals Barons during the Medieval period.

Drink Up With Mirliton’s Brewer Monks On Kickstarter


Mirliton is on Kickstarter right now with something a bit different. No, there aren't any warriors here! Instead, we have a set of Brewer Monks in 28mm that could be used for your Historical wargames and diorama builds.

PSC Offer Up 15mm Medieval Mortem Et Gloriam Pouches


The Plastic Soldier Company has now made the Corvus Belli Hundred Year War range available in smaller packs or "pouches" so you can pick up a selection of units to finish off units during your Historical games of Mortem et Gloriam. 

Black Scorpion Miniatures Arm Their Soldiers With Crossbows


Black Scorpion Miniatures has now released a new set of 32mm miniatures for you to use during your Historical and Fantasy wargames. Here we have the new resin Crossbowmen for their Breninmoor range. 

Find Precious Middle-earth Miniatures With Mithril! A Secret Hoard For Tolkien Fans? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We've found some precious and alternative Middle-earth miniatures from the folks at Mithril! Is this a secret hoard for tabletop Tolkien fans to dive into?

Charge Into Battle With Fireforge’s Turcopoles Cavalry


Fireforge Games has been showing off some new plastic kits for you to use during your Medieval battles on the tabletop. The Turcopoles are saddling up and getting ready to charge into battle. 

Warhost Showcase New The Barons’ War: Outremer Miniatures


Warhost's Andy Hobday has been showing off some of the new Outremer sculpts coming to Kickstarter soon. Each of these sculpts will be expanding their The Barons' War 28mm Historical wargame and delving into The Crusades.

Plastic Dark Age Welsh & Picts Now Available From Gripping Beast


Gripping Beast's new plastic kits for the Dark Age Welsh and Picts are now available to snap up from their webstore. You can use these to bolter your warbands and armies in Historical wargames like SAGA and Swordpoint. 

Lead Medieval Knights Into Battle With Claymore Castings


Claymore Castings has added a couple of additional 28mm Knight models into the mix for those playing out Medieval wargames on the tabletop. The two new sets offer up some command elements for your cavalry. 

Lion Rampant 2nd Edition & Xenos Rampant Announced For 2022!


Osprey Games this week put together a new blog post outlining what's coming up from Daniel Mersey and Richard Cowen this year. We start with some Historical wargaming news as Lion Rampant is getting a Second Edition in the summer.

V&V Release Carthaginian & Medieval English Infantry


V&V Miniatures has been released some new Ancient and Medieval models for you to drop into your Historical wargames. We'll start in the depths of history with some of the new Carthaginian Infantry to use against the Romans.

The Barons’ War Heads To The Crusades Later This Year


Warhost and Footsore Miniatures & Games are going to be exploring a new Medieval setting for The Barons' War later this year. The time has come for your warriors to head off on a crusade...

Why Warlord Games Need Epic Scale Ancient Miniature Battles #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Warlord Games have new releases for their Epic Battles Waterloo collection giving us more Blackpowder wargaming fun. But, is time for them to take Hail Caesar and Ancient Wargaming to this smaller scale?

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