Victrix Show Off Their Historical Miniatures Coming In 2024

December 29, 2023 by brennon

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Victrix Miniatures previewed a whole host of new figures for all periods of history that will arrive in plastic throughout 2024. Their team have been producing some amazing miniatures in 28mm and 12mm and that trend looks to continue.

Greek Hoplites - Victrix Miniatures

Greek Hoplites // Victrix Miniatures

The first reveal was for the new Greek Hoplites. Victrix had produced a range of heads for use with your Ancient Greek warriors, so now they've decided to take the plunge and release a full plastic kit. There will be several different armour options and plenty of dynamic poses making them a great option for any City State. If you're looking to build a classic-looking Greek army then I reckon Victrix might have you covered. This kit should be arriving towards the end of January and beginning of February.

Next, we have the previously revealed Medieval Knights.

Medieval Knights - Victrix Miniatures

Medieval Knights // Victrix Miniatures

These Medieval Knights have just been finished and more will be coming in terms of previews as we move into next month and the new year. Feedback from the community has led to some adjustments when it comes to details in terms of their arms and armour. The set will feature six horses and six riders plus loads of helmet and shield types to cover various periods and European kingdoms.

Next up are the Rus that were previewed towards the end of this year.

Rus - Victrix Miniatures

Rus // Victrix Miniatures

As with all of the Dark Age kits from Victrix, this set will feature a LOT of different options. You can use them to represent the Rus of course but also the Slavs and Varangians in the Byzantine Empire. You can also mix and match them with the previous Viking sets if you're up for a bit of kitbashing. Sculpting is nearly finished on these and more previews will be arriving in January.

Sticking with the Dark Ages and the Early Medieval period, we also have these Early Saxon Warriors.

Early Saxon Warriors - Victrix Miniatures

Early Saxon Warriors // Victrix Miniatures

There's not much to report on these other than we're going to be seeing them in the first quarter of 2024 and you'll be able to use these to aid Beowulf and his kin in their adventures across Northern Europe. There are some wonderful head options already in the previews,  especially if you're a fan of the helmet from Sutton Hoo!

You can also pick up some ace miniatures to help battle Christian foes in The Holy Land with the Islamic Infantry set.

Islamic Infantry - Victrix Miniatures

Islamic Infantry // Victrix Miniatures

Sculpting and resumed on this set and Victrix are also working on some Islamic Heavy Cavalry to throw into the mix as well. With some really nice shield designs to play with and plenty of detail worked into those tunics, these look like they should be a joy to paint. A touch of Contrast paint or some well-used washes could end up making these pop.

For fans of artillery, the Romans are also going to be able to get their hands on a new Bolt Shooter.

Roman Bolt Shooter - Victrix Miniatures

Roman Bolt Shooter // Victrix Miniatures

This will be released in early January and should be a good option for those playing as Early Imperial armies. You'll get lots of options for the crew and your basing including spare bolts, defensive stakes and tools. This should be nice for those looking to make little dioramas out of their artillery crews.

Victrix & World War II!

As well as all of this work for the Dark Ages, Early Medieval period and the Ancient times, there are also some awesome bits and pieces coming out for World War II in 12mm.

12mm US Airborne - Victrix Miniatures

12mm US Airborne // Victrix Miniatures

This is going to be one of the big plastic kits coming for their 12mm World War II range in 2024. You'll get lots of fun poses and plenty of miniatures to help add the Airborne to your Allied forces on the tabletop. Victrix also dropped a sneaky little hint that they might be working on some 28mm versions of these miniatures as well!

The last of the previews was for the 12mm Universal Carrier that comes with European and North Africa crews for you to use in your games. It will come with a 50cal, Anti-tank Rifle, Piat, Vickers, Mortar and Flamethrower options (both British and Canadian). This can be seen HERE and will be with folks by Easter.

Are you excited by what Victrix have planned for 2024?

"Are you excited by what Victrix have planned for 2024?"

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