Full Spectrum Dominance! This Unmissable Epic Wargame Just Gets Better & Better! #OTTWeekender

December 1, 2023 by avernos

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It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we dive into the awesomeness that is Full Spectrum Dominance with its creator, Jack of The Lazy Forger. We get stuck into their stunning 6mm-15mm Sci-Fi miniatures which have recently expanded to four full factions.


The work by The Lazy Forger team is stunning and their miniatures are packed with detail. The game is also worth trying out as you can use whatever miniatures you like! It has been designed to be quick and fun to play and won't take up your entire dining room table!

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Indie Of The Week - Burn In Designs

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Could you see yourself snapping up some of these kits? The airships are particularly awesome!

Tabletop Gaming News

Here is some of the wargaming, tabletop and miniatures news this week that caught our eye and made us go "ooooh!"

Let us know if something from this week made you "oooh!" and if we missed anything!

3D Printing Is The S**t!

We talk with Jack from The Lazy Forger about Full Spectrum Dominance. We dive into the new range of miniatures and also why you'd want to explore this range and game yourself!

Full Spectrum Dominance - The 2nd Wave

Watch The Full Spectrum Dominance Let's Play

With some absolutely amazing miniatures that can be printed in 6mm all the way up to 15mm, this looks like a brilliant range for your 3D Printer AND the game isn't half bad either!

Tabletop Gaming Crowdfunding

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Make sure to tell us what you make of these Oldhammer projects and keep us in the loop if they're going to be added to your collection!

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Have A Great Weekend!

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