One Of Our Favourite Games Is Back! The Walking Dead: All Out War Returns In 2024! #OTTWeekender

December 8, 2023 by crew

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It's OTTWeekender time! We get very excited about the news that Mantic Games has reached an agreement with Skybound to bring The Walking Dead: All Out War back to the tabletop in 2024. Yes, that means new expansions and more for this awesome miniatures game.


With a great set of miniatures to draw from and an expansive storyline put forth in graphic novels, comics and beyond, there is plenty of space to keep exploring The Walking Dead on the tabletop. We're looking forward to the new expansion content and the return of the Starter Set so more people can get involved in the game if they missed out. Will you be picking up The Walking Dead: All Out War when it returns next year?

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As always, dive into the comments and tell us all your thoughts about the show this week and what we chat about!


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Tabletop Gaming News

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Let us know if something from this week made you "oooh!" and if we missed anything!

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Make sure to dive into the comments and let us know what you think of this week's show!

Have A Great Weekend!

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