WoFun Build A Colony In The New World With AWI Scenery Range

December 5, 2023 by avernos

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WoFun Games continue to expand their ranges and this time around it's not a set of flats for warfare but rather the scenery you need to build your dioramas or play out your tabletop games of warfare in the American War of Independence.

WoFun_AWI Scenery

WoFun Games

The latest additions to their American War of Independence collection – are a collection of meticulously crafted buildings and scenery designed and painted by Peter Dennis. The miniatures, made from 2.5 mm MDF, are available in both 18mm & 28mm scales with a full-colour printed finish so all you need to do is glue them together for your table. WoFun can also create tailor-made changes to the various pieces if you have specifics in mind.

WoFun Games // AWI Scenery Collection

The initial range contains a small Church, a log house, and an American brick house, all authentically reflecting the late 18th-century era. These three buildings will enable gamers to set up small outposts or hamlets to begin their defence of the nation around. At the same time the buildings are ubiquitous with the early American settlements and can easily be used for both the early periods of warfare in the North or the later Civil War without drawing any second glances.

As you can see the reduction in scale doesn't lose any of Peter's distinctive illustration style which already contains subtle weathering and highlighting that we see on his Paperboys that WoFun also recreate.

 Trees and Obstacles // WoFun Games

Apart from the buildings, there are also trees, a lot of trees in fact. Peter Dennis has illustrated ten species of trees whether you're depicting a deciduous or evergreen region, WoFun's portfolio of wargaming woodlands has you covered. The sprues of MDF trees contain between 1 and 6 trees, depending on the size and species chosen. Alongside the shrubbery you can get a set of snake rail fencing perfect for AWI and ACW and some drystone walls.

Overall it's a great collection of terrain to add to the WoFun range, by having the same illustrator as the flats the scenery blends in seamlessly if you are after a coherent look on the battlefield. I also enjoy the look of the 2D trees immensely, I don't know why and you can't judge me!

Have you thought about 2D tabletop gaming?

"...a great collection of terrain to add to the WoFun range, by having the same illustrator as the flats the scenery blends in seamlessly"

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