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WoFun Build A Colony In The New World With AWI Scenery Range


WoFun Games continue to expand their ranges and this time around it's not a set of flats for warfare but rather the scenery you need to build your dioramas or play out your tabletop games of warfare in the American War of Independence.

Unboxing: The Land Of The Giants | Archon Studio


Gerry looks into the upcoming Dungeons and Lasers terrain set and this time he's stepping out of the Dungeon and exploring the Cyclopean Fantasy ruins of the Land Of The Giants from Archon Studio.

AB Figures Release New Kingdom Of Holland Miniatures


AB Figures have been sharing some of their new 28mm Napoleonic miniatures. This time around, they are visiting the Kingdom Of Holland and supplying you with a range of new miniatures to use when fighting out your battles throughout the early period of the 1800s.

Anglo-Saxon Princes & New Warriors For 18mm Wiglaf!


If, like us, you're a fan of the work of Daniel Mersey and Mark Copplestone on the Wiglaf Miniatures line, you'll be pleased to know that two packs are coming up soon for those seeking to expand their Dark Age collections in 18mm. 

Martian Models’ Shipyards Are Ready To Explore A Billion Suns


Martian Models have just launched their page on MyMiniFactory with a collection of spaceships that are ready for any tabletop game but have been designed with one eye on corporate fleets for A Billion Suns and to celebrate their fleet taking flight there is a 15% sale until the end of June!

Community Spotlight: Dark Age Heroes, Batman & Magical Glass Constructs


Get stuck into this week's Community Spotlight looking at Dark Age warriors, the Dark Knight himself and also a fascinating idea for bringing the constructs of Frostgrave to life.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Help Us With Our Boyne Battleplan!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we work out that Warren is a terrible D&D player and ask for some help in how we could approach building a BIG Historical wargaming army.

Unboxing: Age Of Penda – 18mm Dark Age Vendels | Wiglaf Miniatures


An Unboxing of the new 18mm Vendels for your Dark Age Historical Wargames during the Age Of Penda from Wiglaf Miniatures. 

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