TundraWorks Bring Revolutionary Miniatures & Rules To Kickstarter

May 22, 2024 by brennon

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TundraWorks Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with their new set of rules for playing out the battles of Revolutionary France and the Napoleonic era in 15mm/18mm. Alongside the rules, there is also a range of miniatures for representing the different nations taking part in revolutions all across the world.

Revolution The Wargame - Tundraworks Miniatures

Revolution: The Wargame // TundraWorks Miniatures

TundraWorks Miniatures are looking to get people to the tabletop to play out the lesser-played portion of the Napoleonic era and the revolutionary period. Rather than being tied to when Napoleon was at his strongest, this instead explores the 1792-1805 period. At this point, the French troops aren't as practised as they were later on during the period and all of the various major powers are fighting their own wars across different continents.

This means exploring battles in Europe of course but also the Americas, Asia, North Africa and also what-if scenarios like the Russian invasion of India through Persia and struggles between America and France.

This is all done through a set of rules developed by TundraWorks Miniatures and Jacobin Games. The base of the game is a card-based miniature wargame where you assign orders, roll dice and play out games with physical 15mm miniatures on the tabletop. However, Jacobin Games is also working to introduce an app into the mix which works as a rulebook and game master.

The app introduces solo campaign systems and multiplayer mode but says that it will try to make sure that Revolution: The Wargame stays a wargame. If you're interested in finding out more about the rules, you can check out their breakdown on the Kickstarter.

Revolution: The Wargame Miniatures

As mentioned above, Revolution: The Wargame is supported by an ace range of miniatures from TundraWorks.

Napoleon Bonaparte - Tundraworks Miniatures

Napoleon Bonaparte // TundraWorks Miniatures

Miniatures will be available for Revolutionary France, Britain and Austria although the Kickstarter is also unlocking miniatures for Spain, Prussia and other French factions. The Ottoman Empire from their previous Lace Wars Kickstarter are also available to be added into the mix.

Women Of Revolution - Tundraworks Miniatures

Women Of Revolution // TundraWorks Miniatures

All of the miniatures are metal and come in somewhere between the 15mm and 18mm mark. In reality, they are closer to 18mm but they would easily work with a lot of 15mm ranges out there when it comes to building your armies. It's great to see such a good mix of characterful miniatures in the range alongside all of the rank-and-file soldiers.

Revolutionary France - Tundraworks Miniatures

Revolutionary France // TundraWorks Miniatures

Britain & Her Allies - Tundraworks Miniatures

Britain & Her Allies // Tundraworks Miniatures

Austria & Her Allies - Tundraworks Miniatures

Austria & Her Allies // TundraWorks Miniatures

Each of the collections so far covers plenty of line infantry for each of the different nations plus cavalry options as well. Plenty of the basics are covered as part of the campaign plus more is on the way through Stretch Goals. I particularly like that TundraWorks Miniatures are working on British troops fighting in the Far East as well as the Armies Of India themselves. This is perfect for those wanting to fight out some of Sharpe's earlier campaigns.

Could you be tempted by the miniatures from TundraWorks and perhaps the game they have planned as well?

Drop your thoughts below...

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