Unboxing: The Land Of The Giants | Archon Studio

December 4, 2023 by avernos

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Gerry looks into the upcoming Dungeons and Lasers terrain set and this time he's stepping out of the Dungeon and exploring the Cyclopean Fantasy ruins of the Land Of The Giants from Archon Studio.


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A truly monumental set of architecture that is perfect for all your fantasy gaming, whether it is the Multi Award Winning Moonstone, Kings of War, or even Conquest. The fact that the range is pitched as being built by a race of giants means it will merrily fit into any scale of figures you need it to work with, and even then what is a barrier to some can be freely negotiated by others giving you a great way to demonstrate that smaller is sometimes better.

Archon's fantasy range is always increasing and the Land of the Giants now sits alongside a host of monsters, villagers, buildings and scatter terrain that gives a wealth of locations and components that should cover pretty much any adventure or scenario you care to dream up and if it's not in the range yet then it may not be far off!

Do you keep thinking of the 1960s TV show too?

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