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Convert The New Kroot For The Best Warhammer Fantasy Army? #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we have a chat about the new Kroot coming out this weekend for pre-order and how they're actually perfect to be converted for use in some Fantasy wargames! The new Kroot look awesome and could be turned into a great alternative Fantasy army for use in Warhammer games and beyond.

Battle Evil With Wave 7 Of Archon’s Masters Of The Universe Range


Archon Studio is still taking pre-orders for Wave Seven of their Masters Of The Universe: Battleground game. You can give into a Fight Against Evil with a host of new characters, all focused on banishing evildoers! 

Dungeons & Lasers Explore Caves In New Gamefound Campaign


Archon Studio's Dungeons & Lasers terrain range is expanding at the beginning of March as they go off and explore new Cave systems for use in your tabletop wargames and roleplaying adventures. 

Unboxing: The Elven Woods Terrain Set | Archon Studio


Gerry dives into more from the Dungeons & Lasers terrain range by Archon Studio and has a look at the impressive Elven Woods that will add some Fantasy whimsy to your 28mm-32mm tabletops be they skirmish wargames or roleplaying adventures.

Unboxing: The Land Of The Giants | Archon Studio


Gerry looks into the upcoming Dungeons and Lasers terrain set and this time he's stepping out of the Dungeon and exploring the Cyclopean Fantasy ruins of the Land Of The Giants from Archon Studio.

Old-School 90’s Gaming Magic! Relive It Today With Urban War #OTTWeekender

6 months ago 64

It's OTTWeekender Time! In this week's Weekender we have a chat about a 90s old-school gaming classic that could end up helping is relive the 90s and that epic wargaming magic. Could Urban War help us relive it today in the here and now? We also take a look at an immense range of miniatures from SolGood Creations over on Kickstarter that should be a collector's dream!

Face A Tarrasque & Defend The Dungeons & Lasers Pub!


Archon Studio has released a whole host of new Dungeons & Lasers plastic kits containing terrain, monsters and more for you to use in your roleplaying games. If you're looking to set up some fun encounters on the tabletop then take a peek at what they have to offer, all of which is compatible with roleplaying games like D&D 5th Edition.

Vehicles, Villains & Dragons For Archon’s Masters Of The Universe


Archon Studio is expanding the adventuring options for those wanting to dive into the world of Masters Of The Universe. There are some new releases for those playing Battleground as well as Fields Of Eternia. Battleground gets some new sets first!

Engage! Star Trek: Away Missions Sets Phasers To Stun Tabletop Gamers #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We set phasers to stun and get beamed up as we engage with the upcoming Star Trek miniatures board game coming from Gale Force Nine! The team are releasing Star Trek: Away Missions later this year and it looks like it could be a lot of fun to dive into, especially with the ways they could take the game in the future.

Quest As He-Man & Skeletor In Archon Studio’s Fields Of Eternia


Archon Studio is now shipping out copies of another Masters Of The Universe game that they've been working on. Battleground is already out in the world but pre-orders were being taken recently for Fields Of Eternia, a big adventure-style board game featuring heroes and villains like He-Man, Skeletor and beyond. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Weird But Wonderful? Diving Into Lloyd’s New Fantasy Army


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive into a discussion on some of the hobby we've been working on. Warren is a dungeon designer, Ben has been tinkering with the grimdark in The Mortal Realms and Lloyd has been working on crafting his own new Fantasy army for use in Oathmark and beyond.

Fisto & Webstor Come To Masters Of The Universe Battleground!


If you're looking to dive into some more Masters Of The Universe Battleground goodness with Archon Studio then you can now get your hands on Fisto (yes!) and Webstor. There are some new awesome miniatures for both the Masters Of The Universe and Evil Warriors.

Did You Miss Archon Studio’s Grizzly 28mm Wolverine Tank?


Archon Studio recently released one of their most sought-after 28mm plastic kits. The Wolverine Tank was made available at the end of February and I thought it would be handy to remind folks that if you didn't snap it up, you might want to scoop it up for your Sci-Fi armies, grimdark or otherwise.

Archon Preview 400+ Minis For New Dungeons & Lasers Campaign


Archon Studio are planning to launch their newest Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter on 11th April. A new preview page has been fired up so that you can go and check out what Archon are going to be offering and lend your support if you see anything that needs tweaking! Welcome to the World Of Deuslair! 

400 Monster Miniatures Coming Soon To Archon’s World Of Deuslair!


Archon Studio are going to be adding once more to their Dungeons & Lasers range with a visit to the World Of Deuslair! This collection will feature 400 new monstrous miniatures alongside a sourcebook and bestiary that you can use alongside your roleplaying games in 5th Edition. 

Judge Dredd; Check Out Block War & This Ace Sci-Fi Wargame From Warlord Games! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're having a look at the ace new Block War expansion from Warlord Games for their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Could this be the Sci-Fi skirmish game worth diving into if you've become disillusioned by Necromunda?

Evil Cometh With Masters Of The Universe Battleground Wave 4!


Masters Of The Universe Battleground expands once more from the folks at Archon Studio with Wave 4 now available to snag from their webstore! More evil villains come to the lands of Eternia with The Power Of The Evil Horde.

Archon’s Final Hours For Heroes Of Might & Magic III Kickstarter!


Archon Studio are closing in on the last few hours for their newest board game Kickstarter. Heroes Of Might & Magic III: The Board Game offers up a way to play the classic Fantasy Strategy computer game on the tabletop with a HUGE host of expansions building on the core game.

Giants & Trolls Stomp Out Of Archon’s Dungeons & Lasers!


Archon Studio has fired up pre-orders for a bunch more terrain and miniatures for use in your roleplaying, skirmish and wargames. We start with some haunting figures that would be great for use in your horror games. 

New Heroes & Villains For Masters Of The Universe: Battleground


Archon Studio has expanded their range for Masters Of The Universe: Battleground. A host of new heroes and villains have entered the fray as part of wave three. Plenty of fun additional characters from the old show are making an appearance. 

Historical & Fantasy Armies Made Easy With Fireforge; Ace For Kings Of War Wargaming? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Building a Kings Of War army? Why not have a look at the Historical & Fantasy armies from FireForge games that could make it easy to get wargaming with some ace-looking 28mm miniatures?

New Kings Of War Does Fantasy Wargaming Right! Don’t Wait For Warhammer: The Old World #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this week's show, we discuss how Kings Of War is doing Fantasy Wargaming right! Mantic Games have got it sorted for those wanting a big mass battle wargame.

Snag Legends Of Preternia For Masters Of The Universe!


Wave two of the releases for Masters Of The Universe: Battleground is available to pre-order from the folks at Archon Studio. We start with something dino-rific and the Legends Of Preternia set which can be pre-ordered ahead of a release at the end of the month.

Dungeons & Lasers Massive Townsfolk Set Coming Soon


Archon Studio's Dungeons & Lasers range is going to be offering up a new set at retail in the near future. The massive 28mm Townsfolk Miniature Pack that was available as part of a previous crowdfunding campaign is set for release in October 2022.

Snap Up New Dungeons & Lasers Mine Props & City Terrain


Archon Studio has been showing off a couple of new terrain sets for their Dungeons & Lasers collection. The focus is on some new Fantasy kits this week with new Props and City Tiles for your Pathfinder games as well.

Wave 1 Sets Join Masters Of The Universe: Battleground


Archon Studio is moving towards releasing Wave One of their Masters Of The Universe: Battleground collection. If you picked up the core game and wanted more heroes and villains to play as then now you can get four more characters!

Wilderness Encounters Coming Soon From Archon Studio


The Dungeons & Lasers range from Archon Studio is coming back to Gamefound with a new set of encounters. This time around, your adventurers are going to be leaving the cities and their dungeons and heading out into the wilderness. 

Enter The Pathfinder: New Terrain Range From Archon Studio


Taking reference from iconic areas within the Pathfinder universe, kicking off May with Abomination Vaults.

Long Lost Fantasy Wargame Returns! Fans Reboot CHRONOPIA & You Won’t Want To Miss it! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! A long lost Fantasy wargame has returned. Diehard fans have rebooted CHRONOPIA and you won't want to miss it as it's looking like it could be epic.

Pre-Order New Masters Of The Universe: Battleground Starter Set


Archon Studio is now taking pre-orders for their Masters Of The Universe: Battleground Starter Set! This 32mm scale Fantasy clash has you taking on the role of notable heroes and villains from the Masters Of The Universe...err, universe!

Wolfenstein: The Board Game Head To Retail In March!


Archon Studio will be bringing Wolfenstein: The Board Game to FLGS Stores and online stores at the end of next month. 

Easy-To-Build Modular Wargaming Terrain! What’s New For Archon Studio’s Rampart Kickstarter?


Warren sits down for an interview with Michal Hartlinski from Archon Studio as they dive into what's new as part of their latest Rampart Kickstarter which offers easy-to-build modular wargaming terrain in 28/32mm scale.

Jaw-Dropping Terrain For Epic 40K & Massive Flames Of War Preview Drop! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We show off some jaw-dropping wargaming terrain that would work for Epic 40K AND dive into the big Flames Of War Preview Drop.

Archon Preview Next Modular Terrain Kickstarter For 2022


Archon are expanding their collection of Rampart terrain soon with a new Kickstarter launching on 11th January 2022.

Heroes Of Might And Magic Comes To The Tabletop In 2022


Archon Studio has announced that Heroes Of Might And Magic III: The Board Game is going to be coming to the tabletop next year via Kickstarter. Their November 2022 campaign is a ways off but they have already been sharing details about this new adaptation of the classic PC game.

Get Us To 100K Subs & WIN 40K Kill Team: Octarius PLUS What We Think Of The Box Set! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! Win Kill Team: Octarius and get us to 100k subs PLUS He-Man Vs Skeletor on the tabletop in Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia!

Fields Of Eternia Gamefound Campaign Goes Live Tomorrow!


Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia - The Board Game is coming to Gamefound tomorrow from the folks at Archon Studio. In this one-to-six player game, you will take on the role of heroes and villains as you battle for control of Eternia and the magical power at its core. 

Expansions & More For Archon’s Masters Of The Universe Game


With Archon Studio closing in on the launch of their new Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia - The Board Game campaign on Gamefound, they have been showing off some sneak previews of what's going to be available beyond the core game.

Archon’s Masters Of The Universe Board Game Lined Up For July


Both Archon Studio and CMON are lining up to take to fundraisers soon with their own takes on the Masters Of The Universe. Archon Studio is producing their Fields Of Eternia board game which is set to hit Gamefound on 27th July for those in Europe. 

40K Gaunt’s Ghosts Better Than Before? UKGE Is On + Dungeons & Lasers Epic RPG Terrain #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! Are the new Gaunt's Ghosts better than before? UKGE Tickets are now on sale and Dungeons & Lasers returns to Kickstarter.

Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition Woodhaven Kickstarter Now Live!


Archon Studio is now live on Kickstarter with the third edition of their Dungeons & Lasers project. This time around, the team at Archon are heading to the town of Woodhaven to craft a catch-all set of modular terrain for roleplaying gamers and skirmish wargamers.

DUCK ME! 15mm Minis That Look 28mm; Your New Historical Army Awaits #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We have a look at some epic 15mm minis that Lloyd swears look 28mm! This Indie team might just be what you need for your new Historical army! 

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