Enter The Pathfinder: New Terrain Range From Archon Studio

April 29, 2022 by fcostin

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Archon Studio has announced a new range of terrain coming next month. Taking reference from iconic areas within the Pathfinder universe, kicking off May with Abomination Vaults.

Pathfinder Terrain - Archon Studio

 Abomination Vaults // Pathfinder Terrain

Backwards compatible with their classic full-height walled sets, this new 75 piece set will debut the first retail release of their half-height walls. Making it easier for you to reach into the game and get miniatures to where they need to be - without potentially knocking a thing or two over. Measuring 25 millimeters/1 inch standing next to the doors which are kept at 50 millimeters/2 inch for quick and easy entrance/escape reference.

Half Wall Preview - Abomination Vaults

Half Wall Preview // Abomination Vaults

Paizo is releasing a hardcover compilation of the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path, which this set perfectly aligns with. Providing players a wealth of fan-favourite content, spanning across three adventures in a "Megadungeon" following the sinister sorcerer Belacorra Harveaux and her mighty thirst for revenge.

Pathfinder Terrain - Abomination Vaults

Abomination Vaults // Pathfinder Terrain

The set is available to be preordered as we speak from Archon and a series of online retails, retailing for roughly for $69, and ready to start shipping out as early as May 10th.

Obviously, these are not locked down to Pathfinder Second Edition, if you were to feel inspired to implement these walls into your 5e campaign, there are plenty of opportunities to mould this dungeon into your own.

What do you think of the new range of Pathfinder Terrain from Archon Studio? 

"This new 75 piece set will debut the first retail release of their half-height walls."

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