Dungeons & Lasers Explore Caves In New Gamefound Campaign

February 21, 2024 by brennon

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Archon Studio's Dungeons & Lasers terrain range is expanding at the beginning of March as they go off and explore new Cave systems for use in your tabletop wargames and roleplaying adventures.

Caves Gamefound - Dungeons & Lasers

Caves - Gamefound Campaign // Dungeons & Lasers

You can follow the Gamefound campaign right now and, if you back the campaign when it launches, you'll get yourself that awesome Follower Gift of the unfortunate adventurers who have been trapped in Ooze! Damnable Ooze!

This new campaign focused on a new set of modular cave terrain which is compatible with the other Dungeons & Lasers sets. There are three different themes for you to explore as well as additional subthemes plus curved wall sections, props, other accessories and pre-painted options!

Caves - Core Sets - Dungeons & Lasers

Caves - Core Sets // Dungeons & Lasers

When it comes to the different themes that you can choose from, they should match a variety of different Fantasy adventures that you can undertake. If you're looking for your classic adventure then you might want the basic Rocky Caves.

Rocky Caves - Dungeons & Lasers

Rocky Caves // Dungeons & Lasers

This is an ancient passageway deep beneath the ground where the crumbling rock formations could be just as deadly as the monsters that inhabit such a location. By combining the wall sections with the tiles for the floor, you can make some impressive-looking locations for your encounters to take place in.

If you want to go a bit different with your underground adventures then you can also check out the Demonic Caves. This is where your devilish and eldritch horrors exist!

Demonic Caves - Dungeons & Lasers

Demonic Caves // Dungeons & Lasers

I could see this being the perfect set of terrain to represent the Underdark in your games. Flood these underground passages with Duergar and Drow and offer up some different challenges for your adventurers to dive into. I like the addition of all of the chains and spikes with this terrain and the bonus bridges feel like they would be great for tense battles over drops that vanish off into the ether!

Last but not least, we have the Belly Of The Beast! Why not battle your way through the interior of a terrifying Tarrasque as you look to try and escape before you get turned into goo by digestive juices?

Belly Of The Beast - Dungeons & Lasers

Belly Of The Beast // Dungeons & Lasers

An amazing set of alternative terrain for you to use in your games that takes things in an entirely new direction. I think this would be awesome, especially for a group of adventurers who are at a higher level and have grown bored of the traditional dungeons. Have your heroes consumed by the beast during an encounter and then follow up with a daring quest through its guts!

PrismaCast - Archon Studio

PrismaCast // Archon Studio

As mentioned above, for the first time, Archon Studio is also offering up the chance to get your terrain pre-painted so you don't have to do anything other than start clipping it all together. Make sure to keep an eye out for how PrismaCast works and see if it's an option for you.

Dive into the Gamefound campaign preview and let us know which cave design has grabbed your attention!

Will you be backing this campaign?

"Dive into the Gamefound campaign preview and let us know which cave design has grabbed your attention!"

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