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December 1, 2023 by brennon

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Fighting Hedgehog are expanding the community around their upcoming dragon-based board game, DragonStrike! If you're looking for a fun, dragon-battling game then you'll want to watch out for the Kickstarter coming next year.

Red Dragon - DragonStrike

Red Dragon // DragonStrike

Over on Instagram, on their website and Facebook, Fighting Hedgehog and other creatives have started sharing more images of the miniatures that you'll be getting with the game and delving a bit more into the mechanics. It should be noted that yes, if you get stuck into DragonStrike on Kickstarter next year then you will get pre-painted dragons so you can simply crack out the game and get started with it.

Black Dragon - DragonStrike

Black Dragon // DragonStrike

Loads of the classic Chromatic and Metallic Dragons are going to be showing up so you'll be able to take on the role of your favourite fire/ice/acid breather and take to the tabletop for some deadly duels in the sky.

Bronze Dragon - DragonStrike

Bronze Dragon // DragonStrike

I recently got to play the game again on Tabletop Simulator and the team have put a lot of effort into refining the game experience. A lot of the rules have been cleaned up to make them even quicker to get your head around and some of the more complicated manoeuvring elements have been tweaked so you can just enjoy the dragon-based mayhem.

With that in mind, it's worth checking out Facebook, Instagram and their Discord if you'd like to take part in playtesting and see the rules for yourself. If you head over to the linked social media sources then Fighting Hedgehog will help you out!

DragonStrike Duel - Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike Duel // Fighting Hedgehog

As something of a departure from what we're used to seeing Fighting Hedgehog work on, this might be a bit of a surprise to some. But, they have been having a lot of fun with DragonStrike and it shows. I think folks are in for a bit of a treat when this comes to Kickstarter next year.

DragonStrike - Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike// Fighting Hedgehog

As mentioned, it's well worth checking out their website for more on the game. Also keep an eye on OnTableTop as we're going to be putting out our Let's Play in the near future so you can an idea of how the game plays.

Could you be tempted by a bit of dragon-based battling in DragonStrike?

"I think folks are in for a bit of a treat when this comes to Kickstarter next year..."

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