Wargames Atlantic’s New Plastic Serjeants & Levy Coming Soon

July 5, 2024 by brennon

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Wargames Atlantic, alongside Andy Hobday and the Warhost team, are going to be releasing some new plastic sets soon for use in The Barons' War and other 28mm Medieval wargames. Two additional sets are joining the Foot Knights.

Foot Sergeants - Wargames Atlantic

Foot Serjeants // Wargames Atlantic

Leading the way are the Foot Serjeants (yes, this is the term for them!) who were formed from the middle class and were often well-trained and professional soldiers. Serjeants supported knights on the battlefield and whilst they were called upon by local Barons and others in power, they could also be mercenaries, fighting for the highest bidder. We've not seen the plastic sprues for these miniatures yet but as you can see, there is a good mix of different weapon options in the kit like billhooks and crossbows.

Whilst the Foot Serjeants are your professional soldiers, the vast majority of your army is likely to be made up of Levy who have been pulled from the fields to fight for their lords with whatever weapons they have at hand.

Levy - Wargames Atlantic

Levy // Wargames Atlantic

These warriors might not have been clad in the best armour but more often than not they had experience of battle that outmatched those of those of higher class. Even armed with a pitchfork, they might be able to turn the tide of battle.

This set also comes with the ace bows that would have been key to an army's success during the Medieval period. The peasantry were trained hard so that they could all fire a bow if needed when called up which ended up creating the legend of the well-trained and deadly English Longbowman.

Both of these plastic sets are looking great and I like the options within the kits. The Levy look particularly great, especially the bowmen. I sense we might also have seen some great plastic miniatures for representing the Sheriff and his men and the outlaws hiding out in Sherwood Forest.

A Knightly Update!

And like that, we also got another plastic kit popping up in the previews from Wargames Atlantic. Here we have their Mounted Knights.

Mounted Knights - Wargames Atlantic

Mounted Knights // Wargames Atlantic

Use these fellows for a joust or a thunderous charge on the battlefield. The heads and arms are compatible with those from the Foot Knight kit we mentioned earlier. They are, once again, looking fantastic and should mean that you now have all of the core miniatures you need for running a Medieval army. Mounted Serjeants are also going to be popping up soon so keep an eye out for those.

What do you make of these new plastic kits coming soon?

"Even armed with a pitchfork, they might be able to turn the tide of battle..."

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