Charlemagne Heads Up Medbury Miniatures’ April Releases

April 9, 2024 by brennon

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Medbury Miniatures has a fantastic collection of 3D printable miniatures for you to download from Patreon this month. There are some great options on the Historical and the Fantasy front so make sure to dive in and scoop up some new miniatures for your collection.

Charlemagne - Medbury Miniatures

Charlemagne // Medbury Miniatures

We start with the Historical side of things and a collection of miniatures led by Charlemagne himself. Charlemagne is sculpted on foot and mounted, looking rather regal indeed. If you're looking to put one of the big names of history on the tabletop then you've now got a nice option for that. I think that Medbury has managed to get that glorious beard looking rather spectacular and I like that the miniature is sculpted in such a way that he's got a good "battlefield" look to him.

If you're looking to throw in an awesome military leader alongside Charlemagne then you can also get miniatures for Roland both on foot and mounted on the back of a horse.

Roland - Medbury Miniatures

Roland // Medbury Miniatures

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to horns and I think Medbury has done a sterling job on Roland's here. Battle some Bretons with this fellow and see if you can reenact some of his famous moments on the tabletop.

As well as the two named characters, you can also pick up some core infantry for use in your games like the Carolingian Hearthguard. These spear-armed fellows look like they would be great guards for you to have stacked around Charlemagne watching over him as the battle unfolds.

Carolingian Hearthguard - Medbury Miniatures

Carolingian Hearthguard // Medbury Miniatures

There are also mounted versions of these Carolingians for you to consider adding into the mix. That means that depending on whether your Charlemagne or Roland is mounted or on foot, you've got some bodyguards to match.

April Historical Releases - Medbury Miniatures

April Historical Releases // Medbury Miniatures

This is another solid set of miniatures from Medbury and whilst these are available as STL Files, they do tend to get turned into metal miniatures later on down the line or they become available from merchants on Etsy who will print them for you.

Fantasy Releases! Orcs & Southrons

If you're looking to dive in and get your hands on some more Tolkienesque miniatures for your Fantasy armies, take a peek at the rather ace new range from Medbury for this month. There are some great Southron miniatures here which could have been tempted by a Dark Lord to do battle against forces of good.

Southron Banner Bearer & Hornblower - Medbury Miniatures

Southron Banner Bearer & Hornblower // Medbury Miniatures

The options here allow you to dive into games like Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG) with a new range of miniatures which will help bulk out the collection. The Banner Bearer and Hornblowers are great and whilst they have their uses in MESBG, they could also be used as the command element of a different Fantasy army you could be working on that features a more rank-and-file style.

You also get your hands on a range of infantry miniatures armed with spears and bows, making them an effective force that could be used to represent soldiers on the battlefield but also perhaps guards watching over the walls of a city.

Southron Conscripts With Spears & Bows - Medbury Miniatures

Southron Conscripts With Spears & Bows // Medbury Miniatures

Sneaking in, we have one of the servants of Evil that might have been sent to stir the pot with the Southrons.

Orc Captain - Medbury Miniatures

Orc Captain // Medbury Miniatures

The Orc Captain comes on foot and mounted and should be a brilliant miniature for you to slot into your collection. I really like the helmet design for this fellow which looks like an ancient helm from one of his fallen foes that has been bashed into a new shape and now sports a skull atop it.

This Orc Captain joins the rest of the range (below) now available for Fantasy fans.

April Fantasy Releases - Medbury Miniatures

April Fantasy Releases // Medbury Miniatures

Make sure to dive in and check out more information on both of these releases from Medbury Miniatures over on their Patreon page. It's another great haul that should have 3D Printers running overtime for the next few weeks.

What do you think?

"Charlemagne is sculpted on foot and mounted, looking rather regal indeed..."

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