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Check Out Hero Spawn Spot’s 3D Printing Patreon Goodies


Available on Patreon right now, Yannick Hennebo is sculpting 3D miniatures for you to download and print off at home.

Raging Heroes Tease Their New 3D Printing Endeavour


Raging Heroes has been showing off what they have been playing around with behind the scenes and it seems like we should be expecting some 3D Printing STL Files very soon in an endeavour called Heroes Infinite.

RN Estudio Show Off Their Patreon Goodies For April


RN Estudio has been showing off what is coming up as part of their 3D printing Patreon in April.

RN Estudio Take To Patreon With 3D Prints & A Starter Pack


RN Estudio has plenty of neat models for you to snap up in their webstore but they also have a Patreon running where you can pick up STL files instead so that you can print off the models at home.

Make Your Town Come Alive With Printable Scenery Kits


If you’re into your 3D Printing then you might want to check out some of the new options available from Printable Scenery who are looking to populate your tabletop towns with more life.

Titan-Forge Prepare Dwarven 3D Prints For February On Patreon


Titan-Forge has been showing off some of the awesome 3D Prints that they will be able to offer to Patreon supporters in February.

3DAlienWorlds Has New Taui Landing Pad Ready To Print


3DAlienWorlds is back with another interesting project for you to (you guessed it) print off at home.

Hero Forge Bring Their Full-Colour 3D Prints To Kickstarter


So, the folks at Hero Forge are now on Kickstarter as they look to fund their new 2.0 program and a range of Full-Colour 3D prints plus the option to get your miniatures professionally painted too.

Hero Forge Tease New Full-Colour Custom Miniature Printing!


Hero Forge has been teasing a new endeavour which is coming to Kickstarter soon, Hero Forge 2.0.

Titan-Forge Show Off 3D Printed Demons For January 2020


Titan-Forge has been showing off what they have to offer in terms of 3D Printing for January 2020.

Take A Peek At Miniature Scenery’s New Orksteady & Bebork


Miniature Scenery has been working on a pair of rather impressive looking MDF Kits which will be dropping into the mix for use by Ork hordes in the grimdark future.

Lion Tower Draft In The Kingsguard For January On Patreon


Lion Tower Miniatures has been showing off some new miniatures as part of their 3D Printing Patreon.

Titan-Forge Fire Up New Patreon For 3D Printable STL Files


Titan-Forge has been joining in on the 3D Printing side of things with a new Patreon which has gone live this month.

Lion Tower Miniatures Preview Patreon Druids, Drow & More


Lion Tower Miniatures has been showing off more of the 3D Printing Files they have been working on for those who back their Patreon project.

3DAlienWorlds Craft An Exodite Hut For You To Print!


3DAlienWorlds has been keeping up the crafting of STL files for you to print off at home with the addition of the Eldari Exodite Hut into the mix.

Let’s Play: Kordran Conflict – Siege


Josh from Plastic Alchemy is back to go through another Let's Play of Kordran Conflict with Justin.

Let’s Play Kordran Conflict: Bomb Diffuse


Josh and Justin are back at it with another game of Kordran Conflict.

Kordran Conflict Kickstarter Summary


Josh from Plastic Alchemy joins Justin in the studio to talk more about the Kickstarter for Kordran Conflict.

Quick Look: 3D Printable Terrain


Warren and Justin show off the latest fruits of their 3D printing adventures from a currently running Kickstarter for Omicron Industrial Sector terrain.

Weekender XLBS: Ancient Nukes & The 3D Printing Learning Curve


We're talking about Bible Wars, nukes (yes, really) and loads of epic hobby time we've been getting stuck into.

Stand Before The Gates Of Doom From Printable Scenery


Printable Scenery has been working on some amazing pieces of 3D printable terrain for a while now but their latest releases take things to another level as your valiant heroes stand before the Gates Of Doom!

VLOG: Warlords, Photoinhibitors & Dirty Dirty Pipes


A packed vlog for you today as Warren and Justin discuss three vitally important topics for the safety of the Wargaming Nation,

Print Out Some Samurai suitable Wooden Walls From 3D Alien Worlds


3D Alien Worlds have released a new set of STL files to let you 3D print your own set of Samurai Wooden Walls.

VLOG: Anycubic Photon Detailed Unboxing for Wargamers


In case you didn't know it's 2019 and that means we are living in the future...of wargaming! Join Warren as he leaps back into the world of 3D printing.

Build Your Own Tombworld With 3D Alien Worlds’ Terrain


3D Alien Worlds really love their Necrons. With that in mind, they have designed a range of 3D Printable Terrain that would be a perfect fit for someone looking to build their own Tombworld.

Printable Scenery Take You To The Lost Islands With New 3D Printable Terrain


Printable Scenery is back on Kickstarter with a new campaign which looks to adorn your board with all manner of nice new terrain pieces.

HeroForge: “John’s Miniature Experience” VLOG


Hello everyone! I have received my order from Hero Forge and wanted to share with you my impressions and methods for getting them ready to paint!

Fat Dragon Games Releases 3D Print At Home Game World War Tesla


Fat Dragon Games has produced their own 3D printable Sci-fi game.

The Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!


Shield your eyes as Warren gets his horn out!

Join Hobgoblin-3D In The Tavern With New Kickstarter


Hobgoblin-3D has created a new 3D printable terrain for your fantasy game and they call it Tavern-Born™: Raghaven Hamlet - 3D Printable 28mm Terrain.

3D Print Your Wargame On Kickstarter With All Out War


Looking to print your own 3D wargame? Then take a look at All Out War-Battleground Volume 1 now on Kickstarter.

Weekender XLBS: What Can You Do When Your Game Dies?


Tales of death abound for 3D printers and games alike.

3D Printing Breaks My ****** Heart! Ep 8


3D Printing just loves to bite Warzan in the arse

Making Warlord Titan Parts – Tabletop 3D Printing Ep 7


OK now Warzan is getting really stuck in and firing up a project to replace components on a home made Warlord Titan. Help him pick the bits we should have a go at!

Get My “Benchy” Out – Tabletop 3D Printing Ep 6


You've shown me what you've been working on... so now it's time to show you mine!

Get Your “Benchys” Out – Tabletop 3D Printing Ep 5


Time to start working out what this machine is capable of...

Shapeways Show Off Ways To Add Heraldry To Your 3D Miniatures


Shapeways create plenty of interesting 3D Printing options for you to use when looking at tabletop miniature. This latest tutorial focuses on customising your miniatures and transform 2D images into 3D icons.

Success With Glass – Tabletop 3D Printing Ep 5


Success at last??!?!

Mastering Bed Leveling? – Tabletop 3D Printing Ep 4


A VERY dishevelled Warzan discovers that little gap between the head and the bed makes ALL the difference!

Journey into Tabletop 3D Printing Ep 3


The Scooby Doo gang need a new gadget and Warren's the man to make it!

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Legion Take The Crown From 40K?


Feedback, Settings & Fires? – 3D Printing In TableTop Ep2


Caption: "It's gotta be big!"

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