Warp Miniatures’ Gnome Army Grows On Patreon!

December 1, 2023 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures are making people happy by expanding their Gnome Army from November with a bunch of additional miniatures. See what you make of the December haul which introduces a whole host of different creatures and contraptions.

Battle For Shroom Pass December - Warp Miniatures

Battle For Shroom Pass - December // Warp Miniatures

The new set of miniatures for December gives you loads of bonus options for building up your Gnome army so that it could work as "Goblins" in your various wargames. With some rather iconic additions to the range, you could bring a host of grumbling Gnomes to the tabletop with this set.

Gnome Fanatic With Pot - Warp Miniatures

Gnome "Fanatic" With Pot // Warp Miniatures

Some standouts from the set include the Gnome "Fanatics" who are swinging all sorts of odds and ends around. This one (above) has a flower pot for example but you'll find others with cooking pots and the like. The Badger Trolls are also epic but I think the Chariot and Gnome Catapult are particularly fantastic.

Gnome Chariot - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Chariot // Warp Miniatures

The Gnome Chariot is pulled by some lovely fluffy bunnies and it looks like those Gnomes have already pilfered some socks to use as their banner. You've also got this amazing piece of engineering...

Gnome Catapult - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Catapult // Warp Miniatures

A Gnome Diver? A Goom Diver? Someone will come up with something clever to describe this I'm sure. These miniatures could be used for building a classic Warhammer army to mirror the Goblins of editions past or you could use them for games like Kings Of War.

Whatever way you intend to use your Gnomes, you've not got plenty of options to play around with!

"A Gnome Diver? A Goom Diver?"

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