Dive Into DakkaDakka.Store’s Millennium Wars Kickstarter!

June 12, 2024 by brennon

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DakkaDakka.Store are back on Kickstarter with a brand new campaign to expand their offerings for those wanting alternative Space Knights for Grimdark wargames of the far future. The new range of 3D Printable miniatures are focused on an unfolding narrative and in the case of Millennium Wars Vol. 1, the Noctis Horrors and the Black Lions.

Noctis Horrors Vs Black Lions - DakkaDakkaStore

Noctis Horrors Vs Black Lions Kickstarter // DakkaDakka.Store

The idea of this campaign is to provide you with two thematically linked armies that could duke it out on the tabletop. That means that if you and a friend wanted to get stuck into some new armies together, you could perhaps jump in and split the contents of the pledge so that you can get building in two unique armies. In addition to that, the new campaign features much more modular miniatures that are also easy-to-build.

Easy-to-build is at the core of what DakkaDakka.Store is trying to aim for here and you really can dive in and chop and change a whole bunch of components without getting too flustered. There are over 100 miniatures available as part of this campaign and you can mix and match all sorts of components to bring them to life.

Free STL - DakkaDakka Store

Free STL // DakkaDakka.Store

If you're interested in checking out the quality of what DakkaDakka.Store are offering, you can pick up the Free STL download which is linked above and HERE. This will give you an idea of what's available from the campaign and you can get it printed and painted up to see if you like the quality.

Pledge Options

There are a number of different pledge options for you to consider when diving into the campaign. The core of the campaign is the Standard Pledge which comes with the Base Set (components of which you'll see below) alongside all of the unlocked milestones during the campaign.

Base Set - DakkaDakka Store

Base Set Example // DakkaDakka.Store

There is also a Standard All-In Pledge that comes with all of the above components plus all Paid Add-Ons (some limitations apply). So, you'll get that mighty Princeps Justiciar and a lot more. Dont worry, the Base Set isn't just the one miniature!

Dismembers - DakkDakka Store

Dismembers // DakkaDakka.Store

If you're someone who does a lot of 3D printing and then sells the physical miniatures on the likes of Etsy, you can also get yourself a Merchant Pledge which gives you all of the above plus a year's licence to print and sell these DakkaDakka.Store miniatures. I know a lot of very good 3D printing companies/individuals who are great at offering up the physical versions of these miniatures so if you want to help out those without printers, maybe dip in and give this a try.

Knights Of The Circle - DakkaDakka Store

Knights Of The Circle // DakkaDakka.Store

Easy To Build Squads - DakkaDakka Store

Easy-To-Build Squads // DakkaDakka.Store

Whilst this layout here showcases the different ways that you can build the troops that you get, I like that you can pretty much mix and match as you see fit. You can tie these very directly to squads from the likes of Warhammer 40,000 and One Page Rules but I like that maybe you could use these armies as an excuse to dive into something new and different.

Triarius Dread - DakkaDakka Store

Triarius Dread // DakkaDakka.Store

There are plenty of Sci-Fi games out there that could use armies like these.

Add-Ons & Unlocks

It wouldn't be a big DakkaDakka.Store campaign without some great Add-Ons and Unlocks throughout the course of the campaign. For example, on the Add-Ons front, you can get yourself some great Objective Markers which you could use to make thematic tabletops and as base elements.

Add-Ons - DakkaDakkaStore

Add-Ons // DakkaDakka.Store

If you're looking to get yourself some ace new unlocks then you can work towards a big one as part of the campaign! These awesome character miniatures for the Noctis Horrors and Black Lions are coming very soon if the pledges continue to mount up.

Character Unlocks - DakkaDakkaStore

Character Unlocks // DakkaDakka.Store

Are you going to be joining the cause of Sefiron The First Claw or Richard The Lion Heart as part of the ongoing Millennium Wars? Drop your thoughts on the campaign in the comments and tell us which faction you prefer the aesthetic of.

Will you be scooping up some of the 3D printable bitz from this campaign?

"Are you going to be joining the cause of Sefiron The First Claw or Richard The Lion Heart as part of the ongoing Millennium Wars?"

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