Play Co-Op Sci-Fi Missions With Lorecaster’s Broken Star: Kandar

November 22, 2023 by brennon

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Lorecaster Studios is a new duo who have taken to Kickstarter with the aim of bringing their new 28mm cooperative Sci-Fi wargame to the tabletop. Broken Star: Kandar is currently a rather nice range of STL miniatures plus you'll get access to the rules as they're developed by the team.

Broken Star Kandar - Lorecaster Studios

Broken Star: Kandar // Lorecaster Studios

When you dive into Broken Star: Kandar, you and up to four other players can take on the role of Freelancers, professional mercenaries that have been tasked with heading out into the Kandar Valley by the Aegis Company to take on various operations (missions and scenarios).

Free STL - Lorecaster Studios

Free STL & Rules Concepts // Lorecaster Studios

The core of the rules concepts are available to check out (see the link above and get that free miniature!). The game mechanics are run by d6 and in general, the game plays out in cycles as you dive into a campaign with your friends.

First up, you'll Travel to different locations around the valley before going into Negotiations where you'll search for jobs and work out what rewards you'll get from them. From there, you'll move to Acquisitions where you can get the equipment that you need to undertake your next mission. You'll then engage in the Operations phase where you'll fight against various foes or perhaps engage with colonists. The final phase is the Rest phase where you'll come back, tot up your experience and recover from your wounds before heading out again.

It's well worth having a look through the rules concepts yourself as they give you a brief overview of what to expect when Broken Star: Kandar lands.

The Miniatures!

What's awesome is that to start all of this off, Lorecaster Studios has been working on an excellent range of miniatures.

Broken Star Kandar Test Prints - Lorecaster Studios

Broken Star: Kandar - Test Prints // Lorecaster Studios

The miniatures are 28mm in scale and delivered in STL format as mentioned above. They come with handmade supports and have been tested to make sure that they work. Larger miniatures from the collection come with print-ready, hollowed-out versions so that they don't blow your budget!

Freelancers - Lorecaster Studios

Freelancers // Lorecaster Studios

You've got some great miniatures for your Freelancers, the characters that you're going to be playing as when you dive into your missions. The characters look very nice and have that "tacti-cool" quality to them which is nice to see.

Unity Team - Lorecaster Studios

Unity Team // Lorecaster Studios

As Lorecaster has said, this is a great chance for you to get your hands on all of these sculpts before they drop later on and act as a "Starter Pack" of sorts, allowing you to get your hands on everything that you'd need to play Broken Star: Kandar and other Sci-Fi wargames at the same scale.

Settlers - Lorecaster Studios

Settlers // Lorecaster Studios

Not only do you get your hands on the character you'll be playing but also the different enemies and NPCs that you'll run into during your games. That means civilians and all sorts that help to build up the world that Lorecaster have been working on. Of course, you'll also get the Raiders (more over on the Kickstarter) that are making life hard for the Settlers.

Light Armour Raiders - Lorecaster Studios

Light Armour Raiders // Lorecaster Studios

There are plenty more miniatures available as part of the campaign including more Raiders, Terrain, Tokens and some excellent Fauna. Who wouldn't want to round up the Settler Cowson and make sure that the Raiders don't make off with all the loot?

Fauna - Lorecaster Studios

Fauna // Lorecaster Studios

Lorecaster Studios are planning to come to Patreon next year with more miniatures and of course a more developed set of rules for Broken Star. That means there is a bit of long-term thinking about the campaign and what they have planned.

Even if you don't end up playing Broken Star right away, these miniatures seem perfect for the likes of Five Parsecs From Home or Stargrave in the interim.

Are you going to be checking out Broken Star: Kandar?

"...these miniatures seem perfect for the likes of Five Parsecs From Home or Stargrave in the interim"

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