The Crimson Wings From DakkaDakka.Store Soar Onto Kickstarter + Comment To Win Your Pledge!

April 24, 2024 by brennon

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DakkaDakka.Store are back on Kickstarter with another collection of awesome 3D Printable miniatures for your Grimdark Sci-Fi wargames. This time around, The Crimson Wings are descending like a host of angels onto the battlefield to crush your foes.

The Crimson Wings Kickstarter - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Kickstarter // DakkaDakka.Store

Comment Below To Win Your Pledge! Details Below

DakkaDakka.Store has another host of awesome miniatures for you to pick up including your core troops, special troops, vehicles and characters. The miniatures and the associated bitz can be used to make entire miniatures from their collection or you can use these to plug into official kits to make your army feel unique.

The Crimson Wings Features - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Features // DakkaDakka.Store

DakkaDakka.Store has run a bunch of campaigns at this point and their methods are tried and tested. They've created a whole bunch of interesting kits, most of which you can find HERE. You can check back over previous campaigns and see what you make of their work which has been iterated on and revamped to be even better with each collection.

If you're interested in the compatibility side of things, you can check out this video below to explore the options for you...

Perfect Compatibility - Our Meticulous Quality Control Process

As well as that, you can also fire up your 3D Printer and have a look at printing off some FREE accessories and bitz. See if the components work for you and if they do, you can come back and check out the full campaign.

Comment Below "I'm A Backer" & Win Your Pledge!

Another great bonus is that DakkaDakka.Store has offered up a great competition for those who back the campaign. If you dive in below and comment "I'm A Backer" then you could win your pledge!

  • DakkaDakka.Store Will Refund Any Pledge (Except For Merchant)
  • Comment Down Below On THIS Article "I'm A Backer"
  • OnTableTop Will Forward Your Details To DakkaDakka.Store
  • Your Pledge (Without Add-Ons) Will Be Refunded!

So, if you're already involved with the campaign or you fancy diving in and potentially winning your pledge, make sure to head on over to the campaign page.

The Crimson Wings Miniatures

The campaign is packed with great miniatures for you to use in your Sci-Fi wargames. The Base Set is perfect for those who want to build up a core of troops.

The Crimson Wings Base Set - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Base Set // DakkaDakka.Store

As you can see, there are plenty of regular weapons in the set as well as special ones too. You can mix and match the various bodies and legs and then use the different arms and weapons to make your squad however you like. You can also just use all the heads, weapons and accessories to adorn your official kits.

If you need to send in your elite troops then you have access to the Destroyers Squad clad in very heavy armour and bringing some of the most powerful weapons available to your army.

The Crimson Wings Destroyer Squad - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Destroyers Squad // DakkaDakka.Store

Striking on high like angelic warriors, you can also get your hands on the Honour Squad set. I really like the axes that you get in this set as you never really see enough axes in your Sci-Fi wargames in my opinion!

The Crimson Wings Honour Squad - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Honour Squad // DakkaDakka.Store

If you're tempted to be a little sneakier then you can also get your hands on the Crimson Wings Recon Squad set. These fellows are prepped for ranged engagements armed with sniper rifles and the like.

The Crimson Wings Recon Squad - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Recon Squad // DakkaDakka.Store

One of the nice things about these different sets is that they come with lots of hand options. Just changing the hands on your miniatures and doing a bit of kitbashing can add some really nice character to a squad and an army. It can make them feel as if they are interacting a lot more with the battlefield.

Last but not least for this particular preview, we have the characters that you can pick up from The Crimson Wings campaign.

The Crimson Wings Characters - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Characters // DakkaDakka.Store

Bring blood and death to your enemies with your mighty warriors. With all of the different options shown above and the addition of vehicles (make sure to check out the Kickstarter for those), you can make an entire army just out of the options from this campaign.

Painted Miniatures Example #2 - DakkaDakka Store

The Crimson Wings Kickstarter // DakkaDakka.Store

Are you going to be checking out The Crimson Wings Kickstarter campaign? If so, what pledge option do you think you're going to go with? Remember that if you pledge, you are also in with a chance of winning it by simply commenting below!

Do you like The Crimson Wings miniatures?

"Are you going to be checking out The Crimson Wings Kickstarter campaign?"

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