Axia Launching New Tales Of The Old World Kickstarter Soon!

May 7, 2024 by brennon

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Axia are going to be coming to Kickstarter soon with a brand new range of awesome 28mm miniatures for your Fantasy wargames. Tales Of The Old World introduces The Exiled Order which will be available as physical miniatures and digital files for you to 3D print at home.

Tales Of The Old World - Axia

Tales Of The Old World // Axia

The idea is that you'll be able to get your hands on an awesome set of story-driven miniatures that could be used for the likes of Age Of Fantasy or perhaps on the streets of Mordheim. The core of the miniatures line-up will be twelve figures and two hounds but you'll be able to get your hands on more depending on stretch goals and add-ons.

The Exiled Order - Axia

The Exiled Order // Axia

As well as the physical miniatures, there are also digital miniatures which come pre-supported. There will also be some exclusive metal coins and some cool packaging for the Kickstarter just to nail home the narrative side of things.

Metal Coins - Axia

Metal Coins // Axia

You could use these to represent different things in various wargames. This is the first of Axia's Kickstarters as the last project was a limited edition run where he was able to deliver 500 miniatures! So, this is a great chance for you to dive in and get your hands on a gorgeous set of unique Fantasy miniatures for your wargames.

The Exiled Order Characters - Axia

The Exiled Order - Characters // Axia

There is a great array of different miniatures to choose from in the range. You can get a whole host of characters, archers, spearmen, hunters and more. All of them are packed with detail and should be a joy to paint, especially for your smaller skirmish wargames where you want to put a lot of effort into each figure you bring to life.

The Exiled Order Archers - Axia

The Exiled Order - Archers // Axia

As mentioned above, here is some of the narrative that drives this range of miniatures. It's always good to know why a particular range has been brought to life...

"This is the Tale of a Town that Was. Once the Realm's beautiful Capital, full of life and hope, it was torn asunder at its zenith by the devouring tides of war and pestilence. It began with what is now committed to the Annals as the "Dawn of the Dead", a very sad day when a once Great Mage turned to Ruinous Powers and plotted dark pacts in the shadows with them in order to overtake the Capital.

Overcoming bitter challenges, Order was almost completely restored as His threat was fought back, when an unnatural Plague invaded the Town, its yellowish miasma eating alive all the innocent souls trying to hide and all the Warriors desperately vying to take control in the final moments of the conflict. As the dust settled, nothing lay bare but an empty shell, the roads carpeted in bones and broken weapons, buildings plastered in bloods, remains and bodies convulsing in cellars used to hide or as last bastions. All that stood of the once beautiful forest was a desolate landscape of dead trees and decaying stumps, painting a gargantuan open cemetery over what was once the Realm's most blissful, thriving dwelling."

You'll have to find out more when the campaign launches! Dive in and maybe use this to help you develop your paint scheme for this particular band of characters.

The Exiled Order Warband - Axia

The Exiled Order - Warband // Axia

With the option to get these miniatures physically and digitally, there's a reason to watch this one and keep an eye out for the launch of the campaign. As mentioned above, these would be perfect for use in Mordheim and I could see them painting in a very Grimdark way, especially with all of those candles and such. They would be a great band of mercenaries and potential saviours for all manner of games.

Will you be picking up this new range of miniatures?

"Tales Of The Old World introduces The Exiled Order as both physical and 3D printable miniatures..."

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