Warp Miniatures Preview A Larger Gnome Army Incoming!

November 22, 2023 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures have been previewing an expansion to their glorious Fantasy Gnome Army that was released on Patreon for the month of November. December looks like it's going to focus on part two of this epic (and tiny!) project with some more miniatures for this force.

Gnome Fanatic - Warp Miniatures

Gnome "Fanatic" // Warp Miniatures

As we mentioned as part of the last post about this Gnome Army, this seems like a great way to build on your Not-Goblins for something Warhammer-based. For example, this Gnome "Fanatic" looks superb and you could imagine him being unleashed from the ranks to knock people all over the place with that dented pot.

You can't go "Goblins" without a chariot/sledge and it looks like Warp Miniatures are working on that too. We have a preview of the new miniatures below resplendent with sock banners fluttering!

Gnome Chariot - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Chariot/Sledge // Warp Miniatures

They have also been taking a cue from Radagast The Brown when it comes to the choice of creature to pull the sledge. Some hyped-up rabbits will do the job, especially with that carrot dangled in front of them.

One of the most interesting additions to the force though has come in the form of the Badger Trolls. You can't have "Goblins" without Trolls and I think these look absolutely perfect.

Badger Troll - Warp Miniatures

Badger Troll // Warp Miniatures

It's good to see the mushrooms on show and all of the Celtic knotwork on elements like the stone that it has wrenched out of the ground. Badgers also seem the most appropriate creature to have alongside your Gnome army. Cantankerous and angry in a pinch, they should look amazing once they've been given that black-and-white fur scheme.

Are you going to be scooping up these miniatures in December?

"Badgers also seem the most appropriate creature to have alongside your Gnome army..."

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