Build An Awesome Gnome Army With Warp Miniatures’ Patreon

November 3, 2023 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures have some amazing miniatures available for you to 3D Print over on their Patreon this month. Gone is Orktober as now is the time of Gnomevember where a whole bunch of little, angry bearded fellows get to strike back against their foes.

Gnome Army - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Army // Warp Miniatures

This Gnome Army matches up to the scale of the other miniatures in the Warp Miniatures range but decidedly titchy by comparison. They are 32mm but you'll find them nibbling at the kneecaps of your enemy (see below). I think they look brilliant and could well be a fantastic option for those wanting to make an alternative Goblin/Night Goblin army on the tabletop.

Gnome Size Comparison - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Size Comparison // Warp Miniatures

The Battle For Shroom Pass certainly helps to nail down the inspiration for this force which has probably come from the old 7th Edition boxed set for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I think it's great and you can already see some of the ways you'd turn these into an army on the tabletop.

Gnome Champion - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Champion // Warp Miniatures

The set comes with a champion or leader for your force alongside an excellent Mage/Wizard who has been tinkering with too many mushrooms! The Lord and the Wizard then take command of a bunch of epic Gnomes who are carrying a mix of spears and bows that they've snatched from their mushroom houses in order to take on the enemy.

Gnome Mage - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Mage // Warp Miniatures

I really love the Gnome Standard Bearers that the regiments have got who are waving around a pair of undergarments which they have most likely pilfered from some big fellow who got in their way. It's a genuinely awesome little army and one that would be great to use in a variety of different Fantasy wargames out there.

Gnome Standard Bearer - Warp Miniatures

Gnome Standard Bearer // Warp Miniatures

The Gnome Frog Cavalry would make a great way to represent "Squigs" on the tabletop and I love that you could really play with the naughty nature of the Gnomes when using them as Goblins. Because these miniatures are so small, they are monopose but that just means that you have to slot them onto their bases and get some paint on them.

It would be great to see how these Gnomes get expanded in the future. I'd love to see Alex's take on warmachines for this particular army. What would be the Gnomish equivalent of a Doom Diver?

Let me know in the comments below...

"What would be the Gnomish equivalent of a Doom Diver? "

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