Explore What If Scenarios With Wargames Atlantic’s New Sets

January 8, 2024 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic have added a whole host of new releases to their Atlantic Digital range. If you're looking to dive into some fun What If scenarios and explore different periods of history as well as other genres, you've come to the right place!

What If Confederates - Wargames Atlantic

What If Confederates // Wargames Atlantic

We start with the first of our What If sets with these Great War Confederates. This explores the possibility that the South hadn't been defeated during the American Civil War and so their soldiers headed across The Pond to fight in The Great War. The set comes with five miniatures in 1919-19 miniatures, equipped with Huot automatic rifles. A solid assault team for you to throw into the mix. Where would you be throwing them into the conflict?

Sticking with The Great War, we also had some British Trench Raiders that would be perfect for clearing out enemy troops from behind their machine guns.

British Trench Raiders - Wargames Atlantic

British Trench Raiders // Wargames Atlantic

The set comes with pistols, melee weapons and all sorts of cobbled-together weaponry that could be used to cause harm and send your enemies back to the mud. You could use these for Historical wargaming but also in games like A War Transformed.

General Accoutrement

If you're looking to pack out your table with NPCs and poor folks who are getting caught in the crossfire then you can now snap up the Fleeing Civilians.

Fleeing Civilians - Wargames Atlantic

Fleeing Civilians // Wargames Atlantic

They are armed with a variety of weaponry that could be handy if you were doing something Post-Apocalyptic. There is a good mix of different bodies and heads in the set as well as a child sculpt so you can make a varied set of fleeing civilians.

Going in an entirely different direction, you could also pick up this mad Tyrannosaurus Rex & Riders set.

T-Rex & Riders - Wargames Atlantic

T-Rex & Riders // Wargames Atlantic

Three dinosaurs alongside their Neanderthal riders who can be added to the kit or left off. These miniatures can also be scaled to match the kind of game you're playing. I think these look superb and I would simply keep these as they are without the riders, introduced into something pulpy for a The Lost World vibe.

Sticking with the weird, we also have this set of (randomly) World War II Romans. Yes, you read that right.

WW2 Romans - Wargames Atlantic

WW2 Romans // Wargames Atlantic

Another What If scenario where we see what might have happened had the Roman Empire survived through to World War II. You get gladius and scutum of course but also the odd SMG for good measure. If you're looking to try a new Astra Militarum regiment in Warhammer 40,000 or you want to play with time travel, these could be great. We just need Aquila in the mix now and we'll be sorted.

More Historical What Ifs

Moving back to the Historica, we have some miniatures from the Napoleonic period. See what you think of the Napoleonic Mameluke Infantry.

Napoleonic Mameluke Infantry - Wargames Atlantic

Napoleonic Mameluke Infantry // Wargames Atlantic

Another bit of What If This time the Mameluke takes on the role of infantry in your imagi-nation style armies on the tabletop. You get miniatures marching and skirmishing within this set and plenty of neat weapon options as well.

How about you travel back to the Dark Ages and see how the Native Americans might have been influenced by the Vikings should their settlement of North America have gone well?

Dark Age Native Americans - Wargames Atlantic

Dark Ages Native Americans // Wargames Atlantic

This set mixes some great ideas from the Native Americans and the Vikings. You get plenty of fun weapon options here alongside warriors wearing different armour. I think these could be great for a bit of alternative SAGA battling on the tabletop.

Orc Heroes!

Last but not least, we have some Orc Heroes for you to throw into your Fantasy wargames.

Orc Heroes - Wargames Atlantic

Orc Heroes // Wargames Atlantic

Use these to build yourself some brutal leaders for your Orc armies or perhaps make them all into an elite unit. These feel like they could be great for a Kings Of War army or two.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new kits from Wargames Atlantic?

"...you could also pick up this mad Tyrannosaurus Rex & Riders set"

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