Wargames Atlantic Hunt Grendel & War With Aztecs Warriors

November 15, 2023 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic have recently added a whole bunch of awesome 28mm miniatures to their Atlantic Digital collection. There are options for Historical, Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargamers to add to their collections.

Cossack Cavalry - Wargames Atlantic

Cossack Cavalry // Wargames Atlantic

We start with something impressive that I'm sure will end up popping up in a lot of people's collections. Amongst the Cossack Cavalry, you get three horse sculpts and a selection of different options for riders alongside a massive amount of heads. I love the addition of the big lance there plus all of the sabres. Send these fellows thundering across the battlefield, chasing down your enemies!

Moving to the New World, we also have an excellent set of miniatures for those building an Aztec force. Perhaps you could be tempted by some Eagle Warriors?

Aztec Eagle Warriors - Wargames Atlantic

Aztec Eagle Warriors // Wargames Atlantic

Have some fun with those outfits and paint them in some immensely bright colours I say! I could see these miniatures being a good fit as elite protectors alongside Aztec leaders. Maybe these would be good for those looking to drop more miniatures into Mythic Americas?

With the new Napoleon film coming soon, it might be good to explore some of his past. Perhaps you could be tempted by Napoleon On 13th Vendemiaire?

Napoleon On 13th Vendemiaire - Wargames Atlantic

Napoleon On 13th Vendemiaire // Wargames Atlantic

This shows Napoleon taking command of a battery at that moment when the French Revolution ended. The young General Napoleon Bonaparte takes to the field at the head of the Republic as they finish their clash against the Royalists.

Last but not least, at least as part of this little roll of highlights, we have the Ancient Indian Archers.

Ancient Indian Archers - Wargames Atlantic

Ancient Indian Archers // Wargames Atlantic

This allows you to dive into some Ancient warfare during the time of Alexander The Great. Slot these in as your Indian warriors who are going to be clashing with Alexander's forces as they seek to invade Asia.

Exploring Fantasy & Sci-Fi Worlds

If you're in more of a Fantasy mood then you might want to snap up some of the Classic Fantasy Barbarians that Wargames Atlantic have added into the mix.

Classic Fantasy Barbarians - Wargames Atlantic

Classic Fantasy Barbarians // Wargames Atlantic

If you're seeking to snap up some warriors that wouldn't look out of place in a Conan adventure then you might have found the answer. With both male and female Barbarians for you to tinker with, there are the makings of a scenario here. Battle your way into a snake temple and defeat the damnable priests within!

Sticking with Fantasy, we also have these epic Werewolves that came out around the Halloween period.

Werewolves - Wargames Atlantic

Werewolves // Wargames Atlantic

I am a massive fan of Werewolves and so to see a modular kit like this is great. The design of these particular lycanthropes reminds me a lot of Dog Soldiers and so I want to introduce these into a fun scenario for Spectre Operations. Pit your British soldiers against these snarling beasts in the wilderness!

Facing down another type of beast, we have the Grendel Hunters who look like they need a 13th Warrior!

Grendel Hunters - Wargames Atlantic

Grendel Hunters // Wargames Atlantic

Some epic warriors ready with sword and shield, gallantly facing down the deadly creatures that threaten their land. You just need an epic throne to seat your warrior king at the end of your tabletop encounters.

Last but not least, we have something for the Sci-Fi fans. What do you make of these Runner Hunters that could be a good fit for the likes of Stargrave?

Runner Hunters - Wargames Atlantic

Runner Hunters // Wargames Atlantic

Tasked with chasing down those that have escaped "justice", these Runner Hunters would be awesome for those looking to introduce some great Bounty Hunters into their games. They come with a mix of different alien and human heads as well as rifles and pistols galore. A solid set of miniatures for something a bit more Cyberpunk too if you were so inclined.

This gives you a good idea of the fun new miniatures Wargames Atlantic has been working on!

Will you be 3D Printing some of these ace miniature morsels?

"This gives you a good idea of the fun new miniatures Wargames Atlantic has been working on! "

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