Embrace The Changer Of Ways With Warp Miniatures’ Demons

June 12, 2024 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures has a rather terrifying set of 3D Printable miniatures for you to download as part of their Patreon for the month of June. Embrace the Changer Of Ways and summon the Demons Of Change into reality in 32mm scale.

Pink Horror - Warp Miniatures

Acolyte Of Change // Warp Miniatures

The set comes with a range of different miniatures to represent classic Horrors, perhaps for a Warhammer army or two. The Acolyte Of Change leads a band of Pink, Blue and Brimstone Horrors which you can print in endless multitudes so they can swarm over the tabletop. I like the comically capering demons that Warp has created!

Blue Horror - Warp Miniatures

Blue Horror // Warp Miniatures

As well as the Horrors, you can also get your hands on a set of Flamers who will be bathing your enemies in magical gouts of liquid fire. I like the idea that Flamers might do this to their foes and then as they melt into a puddle, the Horrors then start to leap from their burning corpses, brought into life by the anguish of your enemies.

Flamer - Warp Miniatures

Flamer // Warp Miniatures

All of these Demons Of Change are available for the month of June. If you're someone who wants to have a go with Speedpaints or Contrast, this might be a great collection for you to consider snapping up. You can't go wrong really and I think these miniatures would benefit from very easy wet blending options.

Demons Of Change - Warp Miniatures

Demons Of Change // Warp Miniatures

Warp Miniatures seem to already be on course to start working on more demons. A vote was taken for July and it seems the Demons Of Rot are going to be making an appearance. As a follower of the Blood God, I am very eager to see what Warp do to satisfy my need for skulls and buckets of blood.

What do you make of the Demons Of Change?

"A vote was taken for July and it seems the Demons Of Rot are going to be making an appearance..."

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