Hail Caesar Epic Battles! Are Warlord Games New Ancient Miniatures A Must Have? #OTTWeekender

April 19, 2024 by lloyd

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It's OTTWeekender time! Hail Caesar from Warlord Games is getting the Epic Battles treatment. We have a look at the brand-new plastic miniatures revealed at Salute and discuss the options for Historical wargamers diving into the Punic Wars period. There are some great new epic-scale Romans on the way alongside Carthaginians and Gauls.


Are you someone who might have been put off by Ancient wargaming due to the size of 28mm armies? The Epic Battles range might be your chance to play out these big battles without having to do too much painting! We also talk about Warlord Games' plans for Bolt Action and World War 2 wargaming and much more.

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As always, dive into the comments and tell us all your thoughts about the show this week and what we chat about!

Salute 2024

Catch up on the events of Salute from last weekend where we got to chat with all sorts of awesome people.

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What did you enjoy the most from Salute?

Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024

Break out your old hobby projects and start giving them a new lease on life. Paint up old miniatures, dig out old armies or maybe fix some broken terrain!

Join The Spring Clean Hobby Challenge

Get involved and you could win some awesome Wayland Games Vouchers and an awesome paint set from The Army Painter!

Indie Of The Week - Sythopian Wars

See what you make of this Sci-Fantasy game featuring some dark and twisted miniatures!

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Explore Sythopian Wars Miniatures Range

Are you won over by Sythopian Wars? Will you be checking out the range or one of the starter sets?

Tabletop Gaming News

Here is some of the wargaming, tabletop and miniatures news this week that caught our eye and made us go "ooooh!"

Let us know if something from this week made you "oooh!" and if we missed anything!

3D Printing Is The S**t!

Check out some of the brilliant new pirate miniatures from Warp that you can pick up this month.

Warp Miniatures' Pirates

Warp Miniatures @ Only-Games

Warp Miniatures 10mm Range

There are also some great options for those looking to get physical miniatures from Warp as well.

Tabletop Gaming Crowdfunders

Come and check out some awesome roleplaying game crowdfunders that are available right now to support.

Could you be tempted by these roleplaying game additions to your collection? The Laundry is looking like an awesome twist on the classic mythos adventure.

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Make sure to dive into the comments and let us know what you think of this week's show!

Have A Great Weekend!

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