Watch For Pilgrimage To Jerusalem; Mini Campaign For The Barons’ War

December 19, 2023 by brennon

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Andy Hobday of Warhost dropped a neat little taster of what awaits those wanting more from Medieval wargame, The Barons' War and Outremer. Pilgrimage To Jerusalem is a new mini-campaign in the works that has been designed as a great way to start building up your Crusading forces.

Rashid ibn Masud - The Barons War Outremer

Rashid ibn Masud // The Baron's War: Outremer

The campaign will see Rashid ibn Masud clashing with William d'Aubigny as part of a three-scenario story that escalates from 500 points to 750 and then finally to 1000 points. We've seen this done in the past with some of the other mini-campaigns for The Barons' War and it seems like a lot of fun, especially if you're starting in The Barons' War and want a cool way to slowly collect and build up your forces.

William d Aubigny - The Barons War Outremer

William d'Aubigny // The Barons' War: Outremer

You can play the mini-campaign with the retinues that Warhost have provided or you can make your own and craft your own story around two warring warbands in The Holy Land. They can also be played out as individual battles or in a linked campaign (the best way!).

This of course means brand new miniatures for The Barons' War, some of which you're seeing here. Once added in with the rest of the Outremer range, you should have the makings of a good little campaign force. I'm sure we'll see bundle deals from Footsore Miniatures when the mini-campaign lands.

Will you be diving into this campaign for The Barons' War?

"The campaign will see Rashid ibn Masud clashing with William d'Aubigny..."

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