Deep-Cut Release New Shatterpoint Desert City Gaming Mat

September 5, 2023 by brennon

If you're looking to get yourself a new gaming mat for Star Wars: Shatterpoint, Deep-Cut Studio has added a new one to their webstore, Desert City. If you're looking to dive into a classic showdown on Tatooine or Jakku, you're sorted!

Desert City - Deep-Cut Studio

Desert City // Deep-Cut Studio

This mat, designed by Jan Jasinski, gives you a great sandy landscape to battle over. You've got lots of technology and such that has been buried by the sands and it really does get everywhere! The design then gives you some idea as to where you might want to place your terrain, creating an interesting narrative. You've essentially got a small street that winds through the heart of your township which you could litter with scatter terrain.

Desert City Game Mat - Deep-Cut Studio

Desert City Game Mat // Deep-Cut Studio

This gaming mat has also been designed for Shatterpoint so that means that you can get this in 3x3 size and with the Shatterpoint markings on it. This makes it pretty darn handy for quickly setting up a game. You can decide to go bigger or smaller though, depending on the game you're playing and the game mat itself comes in three different materials. You can go with Cloth, Mousepad or PVC.

Are you going to be snapping up this classic setting for a Star Wars skirmish?

" can get this in 3x3 size and with the Shatterpoint markings on it"

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