Battle Over PWork Wargames’ New Industrial Terrain Kit

April 10, 2024 by brennon

PWork Wargames has added a brand new piece of Sci-Fi terrain to their collection for use in your 28mm to 35mm wargames. See what you make of this new Industrial Set which features a funky crane.

Industrial Kit 05 - PWork Wargames

Industrial Kit 05 // PWork Wargames

This set would be good as an objective piece in your games. One side could be looking to watch over the Construction Crane and Repair Bay whilst the other side is looking to break and smash everything that you've got to hamper your war efforts.

What's nice about the set is that the Construction Crane actually moves and can rotate, making it an interactive piece for you to include in your games. I love that and it means that you can have some shifting mechanics coming into play as you dive deeper into the game.

Industrial Kit Crane - PWork Wargames

Construction Crane // PWork Wargames

As well as the Crane there is also a Repair Bay section. This is where my skirmish brain kicked into gear. You could make this properly fun for a game like Necromunda. Imagine an Orlock vehicle repair bay which is just getting ready to finish working on some vehicles which are going out onto the Ash Wastes. Looking to stop them, a band of Nomads rush in to cause as much damage as possible.

Industrial Kit Bunker - PWork Wargames

Repair Bay // PWork Wargames

Throw people off into the jaws of that Repair Bay I say! You could also take all sorts of bits and pieces and turn this into a wonderful Ork terrain piece as well. I could see some mad Mek playing around on top of this.

Industrial Kit 05 Full - PWork Wargames

Industrial Kit // PWork Wargames

Could you be tempted by this new piece of terrain from PWork Wargames in MDF? It would be a good fit for a lot of different games.

Drop your thoughts below...

"As well as the Crane there is also a Repair Bay section. This is where my skirmish brain kicked into gear..."

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