Check Out Kromlech’s New Range Of Terrain Tiles

May 21, 2024 by brennon

Kromlech has released a new set of Terrain Tiles to help you craft interesting battlefields across a variety of genres. All of these have been crafted out of HDF and come in various styles to match different landscapes.

Terrain Tiles - Kromlech

Terrain Tiles // Kromlech

The approximate dimensions of one tile are 9cm in width and 13cm in length. (3.5" by 5.2") and can be painted up very easily with the use of drybrushes and an airbrush. All you need to do then is slot them together and you could create some interesting terrain projects.

Cobblestone - Kromlech

Cobblestone // Kromlech

Whilst these Terrain Tiles don't connect, you could easily slot them together and use them as the basis of your gaming table or then build terrain on top of them. I like the idea of using these as the basis to then build some ruins and such.

Concrete Slabs - Kromlech

Concrete Slabs // Kromlech

Spaceship - Kromlech

Spaceship // Kromlech

The Spaceship Tiles (above) could be absolutely awesome for those wanting to build the interior of a spaceship. You could lay these out in corridors and rooms and create yourself a fun space to battle against alien foes.

Town Streets - Kromlech

Town Streets // Kromlech

Cathedral - Kromlech

Cathedral // Kromlech

Some of my favourite tiles from the collection are the Wooden Planks which could be great for the decks of ships or perhaps the interior of a tavern or grand hall. As you can see, these perfectly paint up with a bit of basic brushwork.

Wooden Planks - Kromlech

Wooden Planks // Kromlech

As well as being good for mounting terrain and building interesting tabletops, these could also be a great basis for a diorama. I think this is a really nifty idea that is hopefully going to expand. Kromlech has already talked about making matching bases for these and also the likes of roads and other designs.

Each of the sets comes with ten Terrain Tiles and at around £8 a pack, they seem like an awesome purchase for anyone dabbling in terrain crafting.

Will you be diving in and picking these up?

"...they seem like an awesome purchase for anyone dabbling in terrain crafting"

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